Midnight Musings

February 20, 2017

I love being a mom, but motherhood is a challenge.  It completely changes you and once you grow accustomed to it, you want to find yourself again.  At least, that’s pretty much what happened to me.  I attempted to start a blog like this before, but I didn’t put much effort into it, claiming that taking care of my baby took everything out of me…and it did…and didn’t.  Now, that baby is a toddler and growing to be more and more independent.  I am back with a renewed fervor to find myself again…yet I already know it won’t be my old self.  Motherhood changes you.

One big change was that my world could no longer connect on the same level as my friends.  Out of my close circle of friends…I am the only one married…and the only one with a kid.  Recalling the days when I was single and child-free, I know it would be difficult to expect my friends to be able to relate to the new experiences I was going through as a new mom.  I am hoping to use this as a medium to connect with old friends and new, by sharing what my life means to me now.

I plan on reveling in being a mom, but that is not all my life is about.  I want to share with you great places I come across.  I hope to share with you the excitement I find in different forms of entertainment.  I aspire to show you different recipes I attempt to cook.  I dream of creating a fulfilling week after week full of whatever fun things I can find and hope that represents me and the friend I want to be for you.

And now I finally begin.  Always feel free to reach out to me because, yes, I would truly love to hear from you.

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