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What the Terrible Twos Really Bring

February 27, 2017

Since this website is mainly a personal take on parenting and the likes, I feel the need to talk about the one who gives me all the opportunities to learn about being a mom and a parent.  I currently have one daughter and she is a toddler.  Honestly, I feared the day she would become a toddler because I had been so inundated with the ideas that “Terrible Twos (or Threes)” was all there was to being a toddler.  But, it’s so much better than that.  Allow me to gush about her here.

  • She worries about my well-being.  One “oh, no!” from me and she will drop whatever she is doing and run over in concern that I’m sad or hurt.
  • She doesn’t say much in terms of sentences, but she’s got a huge repertoire of nursery rhymes down. She loves “If you’re happy and you know it” and “wheels on the bus”.  She will jump along with those monkeys on the bed and go around in circles for “Ring around the Rosie”.
  • She loves to help with everything. Of course, everything takes that much longer to do, but encouraging her helping spirit is worth it. She especially enjoys pushing her own stroller, powering down her tablet, and putting away all the grown up shoes she likes to try on.
  • She gives the best kisses! My friends may remember her open-mouthed, sloppy kisses from her first birthday, but now she has the whole  close-mouthed peck down, complete with a loud “mwah”.
  • She is a super happy and friendly baby. She will force me to have conversations with strangers because she will go up and say “hello” first (it sounds like “hel-wo”).  It’s either that or she’ll show off her shoes (because they are pink shoes with Elsa on them AND they light up).

What are some of the special things you love about your toddler? How does your toddler show you their love? 

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