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3 Goals for March

March 1, 2017

I love the beginning of a new month for the same reason why I love the beginning of anything.  There’s so much optimism and hope bundled together when starting something new.  In particular, today is the day I “officially” open this website of mine (aka I tell all my Facebook friends about it…so watch out, friends!).  Aside from that, I came up with three goals I plan on working on this month (and maybe I chose three because it is the third month of the year or maybe not).

Trying an Instagram Photo Challenge

I mentioned how I am pretty much just starting out with using social media to connect with people.  Now, I didn’t realize this was a thing, but apparently some users on Instagram make these photo challenges where you take a photo each day representing a particular theme.  Or, at least, that’s the gist of what I’m understanding.  I have been avidly reading different blogs these days and came across a post from Scoutie Girl listing a photo challenge she made for January of 2015.  I know, it’s expired, but my goal for this month is to try it out this entire month of March (both months have 31 days, so this is a perfect time to start!).  Scoutie Girl used the tag #createyourlife, but maybe I should add #januaryformarch and see if anyone else decides to participate in this belated photo challenge with me this month.  I’ve already put up my first photo for the theme family.

Potty Training

No, not for me.  I have attempted potty training my daughter two separate times already and she’s a pretty smart kid, so I believe she can do it…but she has a lot of fear and I feel like it’s that fear that is keeping her from succeeding.  Has anyone dealt with this as well?  This may be TMI for my non-parent readers, but…she knows when she has to go, but she won’t stay seated on her potty for the release.  I think she has a fear of release and frankly, I don’t know what to do.  Give her more time?  I’m in no rush to rush her, but she is starting to dislike poopy diapers so I know it’s going to happen soon.  I will hope that it will happen this month!

What Was My Third Goal?

I’ll blame it on my mommy brain and forgetting to write my ideas down as soon as they pop into my head.  I swear, I had a third goal all thought out for this month.  So, let’s backtrack and see if I can find my train of thought again.

I was thinking about how it finally felt like winter again today, here in Chicago.  I am pretty sure I saw snow flurries outside my window a couple times during the day.  I dislike having to go out on cold or rainy days, but Wednesday is the one day of the week where I take my daughter to mom-and-me school.  We had a fun time today, although the topic was Bugs and that is the one thing that strikes fear down to the bottom of my heart.  My favorite part of going to this class is that there is arts and crafts time…and my daughter gets to be creative and messy and I don’t have to prepare any of it or clean up everything afterwards.

  1. First craft was placing colorful dot stickers on a printed image of a red ladybug that is missing all its spots.  My daughter loves stickers and this was a cute idea, but I would recommend using larger dot stickers for toddler fingers.  Also, preferably stickers that stay stuck to the page, because most of the little stickers have now fallen off her ladybug (at the end of the day).
  2. Second craft was making a paint splatter butterfly and this turned out a lot better than I expected.  Using popsicle sticks, my daughter put splashes of paint on paper. Fold in half and press down so the paint imprints on both halves.  There you have a butterfly, just draw on antennae with a black marker.

And I still can’t remember my original third goal, so let me make a different one.  Don’t let my excitement for this website and reading other blogs take away from quality time with my daughter. On that note, I will continue to read and write during her nap and after bedtime.  At least, that’s my goal!

Do you like to make monthly goals for yourself, too? Any advice for me regarding potty training? 

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