The Two Confessions of a Creepy Mom

March 3, 2017

If you are here for a terrible pun, here it is.  The two confessions of a creepy mom…get it?  Not…the true confessions.  Hahaha, I told you it was terrible.

I thought about this last night after putting my daughter to bed.  I was planning on coming back out and working on a post, but I found myself whittling away the hours watching her sleep, hearing her breathe, and sniffing the lovely baby smell out of her.  Well, actually, since she is no longer (technically) a baby, she doesn’t have that sweet milk smell about her anymore…but she still smells nice.

If I was doing this to any other person, that would make me pretty creepy, right?  So, that makes me a creepy mom, but I’m proud of it.  Here’s why.

Confession 1

Ever since my daughter was born, it’s only once in a blue moon where I get a full night of sleep.  Strangely, I don’t mind.  Before baby, I could not function well without a full night of sleep.  This must be one of the many ways a mother’s body changes.  Somehow, I am very willing to pass the night away with less hours of sleep than before.  There are often nights where I choose to just stare at my child and before I know it, two hours have gone by.

This seemingly mundane obsession I have over my daughter’s nighttime sleep is just a fraction of how much I love her.  You often hear about that amazing thing called a mother’s love.  If anything, perhaps you’ve seen it in Harry Potter?  You know, the part where (spoiler??) Harry’s mom sacrifices herself to protect baby Harry?  Yeah, that mother’s love.  This is just a fraction of that.  It makes me a creepy mom, but that’s OK!

Confession 2

All creepy moms will have done this next one at least once.  We’ve kept a poop diary.  It’s what it sounds like.  Basically, we write down the times our baby poops and what color/consistency it is.  Every time.  Of course, this is mainly in the beginning when the pediatrician needs the information to make sure our baby is eating and digesting everything alright.  I hardly remember those days, though, because everything else about being a new mom was so overwhelming.  The poop diary and the feeding schedule took over my life.

One thing you might not know about newborn babies is that they eat a lot and eat often.  Or at least, I was told you have to feed them like every few hours or so…and if they are asleep, you have to wake them up and feed them.  I remember Googling how to wake up a sleeping newborn or keep them awake so they would feed.  Now, it’s more like how do I keep my child asleep?  But, you know what?  I want to do it again.  We are trying for a second before the age gap gets any wider, but no news yet.

This post was partly inspired by puns.  If you know any punny jokes, leave them in the comments below.  You’ll at least get a laugh out of me!

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