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Never Skip a Nap

March 11, 2017

Or let your toddler fall asleep in the car. Especially when you are down to one nap a day. She’ll wake as soon as you park at home (I blame the auto unlocking function in my car as soon as I shift gear to P) and napping while in movement is not restful at all.

She won’t fall back asleep at home and she’ll get super cranky much earlier before her bedtime. She will also be tired and forget she is under the piano…standing up too quickly and cutting her head open.


Plus, dealing with daylight savings time wreaks havoc on a toddler sleep schedule.

Do you also deal with DST?  Have you ever regretted skipping a nap? What ointment would you recommend for open cuts?

  • Naps seem to be utterly beyond my control. My daughter has always fought sleep, and now she’s down to one sleep, there are days I can spend two hours in her room and she still will not sleep. Then invariable she passes out in the car at four pm. Uhhhh the joys!

    • Paula

      Oh, this must be typical toddler behavior because lately, it takes my daughter 2 to 3 hours to fall asleep for a nap. I can no longer wait with her in the room heh.

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