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How to Write a Perfect Post

March 22, 2017

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Since starting this self-hosted web blog, I have shared with you some tips on using social media.  At this point, I have a month of blogging on this website under my belt (in addition to all my previous blogs that I’ve had).  Here’s my latest tip for you.  Use Grammarly to write a perfect post.

I remember seeing their ads pop up on websites for years, but they never really held my interest until I saw their ad run on a YouTube video.  It’s the one where a girl is starting a new job and it turns out she has to work on the computer all day, responding to customers online.  For whatever reason, whether she missed her morning coffee or is just a lazy typist, she writes a lot of painful mistakes.  Grammarly automatically detects these errors and suggests corrections.  Does this ad ring a bell with you?


For the Midnight Bloggers

As a mommy blogger, I find that the best stretch of uninterrupted time I have to write my posts happen after my daughter’s bedtime.  At this point of the day (or night, rather), my brain and body have slowed down considerably.  Case in point, I had to retype “daughter” three times to spell that correctly.  Of course, with Grammarly, I wouldn’t have to backspace and attempt to retype the word correctly.  I can boldly make that mistake and Grammarly brings it to my attention.  Click and fix it, silly.  Likewise, I wouldn’t have to save my midnight writings as drafts and give it the once over the next day before publishing my perfect post because Grammarly would double-check spelling and grammar for me.  You’re on your own in regards to keeping your post concise, though.  So, let’s move on.

Reminders to Cite Your Sources

When writing your perfect post, there may be times when you seek information from other websites.  Grammarly does a plagarism check, too. They call it plagarism detection, but I’d call it friendly reminder to credit your sources. We bloggers know better than to plagiarize other writers, right? Although, sadly I’ve seen it done.

Answer Questions or Give Inspiration

A perfect post keeps your readers in mind. You want to answer questions that your readers will be interested in. This makes a post useful and encourages the reader to asks questions of their own in the comments to add on to the discussion of your post.

Of course, not all blog posts are solely informative in nature. If you’re not answering questions in your perfect post, you should be giving inspiration. Inspire your readers through your art, photos, or poems. Spread your happy virus out into the world.

What’s your idea of a perfect post? Are you a Grammarly user?  Share your review and opinions in the comments.

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