Spring Cleaning Series – Organizing the Bedroom

April 17, 2017

This past weekend was busy and blessed.  I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, plus there were Easter festivities at church and we had a family dinner with my brother-in-law’s side of the family, as well.  My daughter needed to pee at the restaurant, but being newly potty trained, she didn’t take well to sitting on an adult toilet while other people were using the loud hand dryers by the sink.  Thankfully, she held it until we got home!  Now, I’m excited to present to you the next step in my Spring Cleaning Series, which is organizing the bedroom!

In order to properly organize the bedroom, you need to have completed cleaning out the bedroom.  If you haven’t already, please take a look at the 5 Simple Rules for a Clean House post in order to have a good foundation for this post as well as the rest of this series.

Organizing the Closet

Organize by length and type of clothing

My husband and I share two small closet space.  I designated one for outerwear because some of those can get bulky and take up a lot of space.  Our other closet space holds the clothes that we have chosen to hang.  The rest go into our dresser drawers (we each get three).  Your bedroom probably has a different setup, so adjust my advice as needed.

I have seen some people suggest organizing the closet by color and while it looks nice, I don’t find it particularly easy to use.  I organize by the type of clothes and length.  Since I share closet space with my husband, I chose to use the left side and hung my husband’s clothes on the right.  It’s not exactly half.  I definitely have more clothes to hang.  Here’s how we do it.

  • Outerwear:  Simply organize by length.  I hang the longest ones (trench coats) to the left and they get shorter as you go to the right (cropped jean jacket).  Same goes for my husband’s side.  It just looks nice to open the closet door and see a gradient according to size.
  • Order of the Clothes You Hang:  Again, organizing by length, but this time, also organizing by type.  Each type of clothing will all be hanging from longest to shortest in the closet.  First, I hang my pajama dresses and slips.  Next, dresses.  I hang cardigans and vests after the dresses, the clothes that you wear over other clothes.  Finally, knitwear, button up shirts, and other tops that I need to hang.  I hang knitwear because it gets bulky if I try to roll it up and place it in a drawer.  If tops have embellishments or other features that make it difficult to roll up into a small bundle, I hang them up instead.
  • The Order of my Husband’s Side:  I hang his dress pants folded over the bottom part of a clothes hanger and keep this on the left side so that it is easy for him to find what he needs each morning.  Next, I hang his sweatshirt hoodies and jackets.  Then, I hang his knitwear because these get too bulky when rolled up.  Finally, I hang his button up shirts.

Organizing the Dresser Drawers

Rolling up clothes items helps you fit more in drawers

My husband and I each have three dresser drawers to use, so I made the first drawer for socks and underwear, the second for tops, and the third for bottoms.  His first drawer also includes neckties, mine includes bras.  You do not want to fold and stack clothes because it is difficult to see what you have at a single glance.  If you can’t see it, you most likely won’t wear it and it will become forgotten.  We are trying to avoid that.

Rolling all the clothes that go in your dresser drawers help confine each article of clothing to a small space and allow you to see all that you have in one glance.  The only exception is bras because you don’t want to lose the shape.  You want to roll everything into a set width and as tightly as possible.  Here’s an image of my first dresser drawer.  I have a lot of socks so I hold one layer within the lid of a shoe box.  I can easily take out the lid and see what I have underneath.  This does not count as stacking, since I can take the lid out and see everything I have with one glance.

Quick and easy way to roll your underwear
  • Underwear:  I learned this method of folding underwear from my aunt while I was living abroad and loved it.  You want to place the underwear down so that the back is facing up.  Fold the sides to the center in thirds.  Take the bottom part up and push it into the opening at the top made from the front and the two folded sides.
  • Socks:  I used to fold the ankle part of the socks over the rest and called it a day, but one day, I unfolded my socks to find that one elastic was stretched out, while the other sock still fit tightly around my ankle.  I realized I was wearing down my socks just by storing them in the drawer.  Rolling them up together kept this from becoming an issue and it was easy to store in my drawer and find the one I wanted to wear for the day.  I only wear cute socks and no two are the same!
  • Neckties:  Roll up like socks starting from the bottom.
  • Bras:  Don’t roll these up.  You don’t want to mess with the shape and wiring.  Instead, lay it out so that you only see the cups and order by color gradient.  I have my lightest ones in front and black ones in the back.
  • Tops: Everything is rolled, but I order by sleeve length. Sleeveless tops are on the left, short sleeve tops in the middle, and long sleeve tops in the right part of the drawer.
  • Bottoms:  Everything is rolled and organized within the drawer based on length and type (if you have skirts).  Shorts are on the left, jeans and long pants in the middle, and skirts and leggings to the right.
How you should be rolling up socks

I’ve only focused on organizing the clothes in the bedroom because this tends to be the tricky part of organizing the bedroom.  Everything else you need to organize in the bedroom should follow the 5 Simple Rules for a Clean House.  Later this week, we will be moving on to cleaning out the bathroom so I recommend subscribing to our newsletter in order to keep up with the latest updates as well as additional tips and ideas that I like to share outside of the blog.


How is the setup in your bedroom?  What non-clothes category are you having trouble organizing?  Let me know in the comments and I will include some tips in the next post.

  • I hope you had a happy birthday!!! I love these tips 🙂 The thing I’ve been putting off is spring cleaning and organizing my walk in closet… Now I’m motivated to get in there and tackle it!

    • Paula

      Thank you! It was a nice birthday. Good luck with your closet. I really hope these ideas are useful to you 🙂

  • Okay. The rolling. Wow. I unfold everything I fold in the dresser. What a great idea to keep everything visible. As I read organizing blogs/books, I used to be intimidated because I am not organized by nature. However, I am trying to take small ideas a little at a time. In 20 years when there are no kids, maybe I will have it down.

    • Paula

      You’ll have it down sooner than that. Believe in yourself and keep making changes little by little. Let me know if you come across some awesome organization ideas!

  • Okay, I am definitely going back to the beginning to start this!! Thank you for the tips!

  • Our clothes are pretty much organised like this too. I have to admit though, I have been getting lazy with this, so I’m now off to sort my drawers out so to speak! #ablogginggoodtime

  • Yikes. This is hyper organised. I have big boxes for underwear. So easy to chuck in the socks or undies. Works well until you leave it slightly out of the unit and then the cat gets in and nests! #thelistlinky

    • Paula

      Haha I hope you don’t think it’s overdone. What kind of cat do you have? We only keep fish right now so my drawers are safe for now!

      • I don’t have time to fold stuff so boxes works for me and Hubby. We hang most of our stuff really and sort by “working outside/scruffy” and “nice stuff/office”.
        Our cat is a rescue moggy. She’s adorable and naughty but in a way that she always gets away with! She sleeps with us tucked in behind my knees as she howls otherwise. She thinks we’ve left her. She’s definitely part of our tribe and at the moment our only “baby”, almost got a +1 but it wasn’t to be. She is so sensitive that she knows I’m not happy and comes and sits with me.

        • Paula

          I’m sorry for your loss. And she sounds like a very special cat! I think it’s cute how she needs to sleep right by your side.

  • lorigraceh

    My bedroom needs so much help right now!!

  • petra08

    happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a good one! Thank you for sharing your very organised tips, I sure need to take some on board for my bedroom! 🙂 Happy Fiesta Friday!

    • Paula

      Thank you!

  • Great tips! I have been brave this week and cleared out clothes that I haven’t worn in a while, now I just need to arrange it so it looks as neat as yours 🙂 #globalblogging

    • Paula

      You can do it! I hope these tips have helped.

  • I always start off with good intentions but about a month after I have sorted my cupboard, it’s like a bombs hit it again! #GlobalBlogging

  • Great tips and advice I need to follow – my such a mess. I love the idea of rolling up the clothes instead of folding, I definitely need to start doing this.xx #BlogCrush

  • Oooo you know what – I actually fancy a bit of a spring clean!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime and don’t forget to join us again this week!

  • That’s pretty much what I did too!

  • Happy belated birthday, Paula! And you’re great at organizing! Let me know when you can cohost.

    • Paula

      Thanks Angie!

  • You’ve just reminded me that I need to do this!!!!! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

  • One Messy Mama

    I know I should do this, but it all seems like a mountain right now 🙂 … Hope you had a wonderful birthday Paula. So pleased that potty training is going well! xx #globalblogging

    • Thank you, Jacqui! It was great! And we’re still bound to using the potty chair only on the potty training front, but I’m hoping she’ll take to using the adult toilet occasionally sometime soon.

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