Spoke Too Soon

May 26, 2017

I mentioned the reasons why I’ve been missing in action in my last post,  but it seems like I’ve spoken (or posted) too soon. I’ve been hit hard with morning sickness and it’s the sort that lasts all day. Couldn’t keep anything except a can of Sprite down yesterday. Is facing the toilet seven times in a day normal? 

Fiesta Friday

Unfortunately,  morning sickness has kept me far from the kitchen and it sucks because this week I am cohosting Fiesta Friday with Lindy from Love in the Kitchen.  Fiesta Friday is a fun and welcoming linky to join and while it has taken on a focus on food posts, it’s actually open to all posts that share how you are getting your fiesta on for the weekend. I’ll be visiting and commenting on posts,  so look for me when you’ve joined the linky!

If you dropped by looking for some food posts,  check out my Eats category for some fun and easy ideas.  

If you want to be chosen as a feature post, be sure to follow the guidelines found on the site (mainly about linking back to the correct Fiesta Friday and the co-hosts).  Don’t forget to tag Fiesta Friday on your post so it’s easy to find. Drop by Fiesta Friday #173 to join when you’re ready!

Leave a comment if you join Fiesta Friday so I can keep a special eye out for your post! Also, any ideas to combat morning sickness? I’m dying here. 

  • Angie | Fiesta Friday

    Aaw…you sound just like me when I was expecting. I pretty much lived in my bathroom! But hey, that means the hormones are doing what they’re supposed to be doing 🙂 Congratulations, Paula!! Is your daughter excited to get a little sister or brother? Thanks for cohosting! <3

  • Limestone Cottage

    Hi Paula! Hope you’re feeling much better soon! I remember those days. Happy to meet and co-host with you!

  • thenotsocreativecook

    Hi, Paula! Congratulations! I don’t know why, but I haven’t tried morning sickness! And it’s crazy! Thank you for co-hosting this week’s Fiesta Friday!

  • Hi Paula! So sorry you’re not feeling well… Hope the morning sickness is just a short phase and you can get back into the kitchen. But many congratulations, and Happy Fiesta Friday!

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