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5am early morning friend

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I am taking my iPhone, take a selfie.

I am going to the bathroom, to brush my teeth. I drink one glass of water and start preparing the coffee. A few minutes later two other selfies came.

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What, who is 5am early morning friend I am an entrepreneur, writer, software developer… all those jobs heavily rely on my productivity. I am a looser, I could not do it, I am nothing…. Last two years, I am trying to become a morning person, struggling all the time.

Feeling like shit every time when I 5am early morning friend. I failed a lot, I failed every time. I tried every fucking technic or advice that I found on mrning internet.

Fuck your morning routing, fuck your evening routinefuck you and your advice. I made my 5am early morning friend routine and maybe, but just maybe, this time I will success. I wanted it so badly, if Elon Musk can do it, I can do it too. I will learn, I will find Free adult sex match Chicago what could work out and I will start doing it. Whatever is the price that I have to pay.

I want it, I will do it, there is no other choice. I am willing to pay the price. I read a few hundred articles about productivity, focus, routines, habits… Also, I 5am early morning friend some morninh and read a few books on the same topics. But why 5 AM?

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Nothing bad could happen in that time. Also, frienx are no distractions, no one is on Facebook, no one will call you. You 5am early morning friend quite some time to focus on something and to get shit done. You could 5am early morning friend it in the evening, but I found out that is hard to have a discipline in that time.

In the morning nobody wants to hang out or go out for drinks and most importantly your mind is clear and you are FRESH.

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Remember, a clear mind is your most powerful tool. After years of failures, I made a deal with Zoran and Luka. From January 3,we will wake up and work.

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We have four weeks to make a mornng of waking up at 5 AM. Only four weeks, not more. The fifth week 5am early morning friend be exactly 5 Am. Set the alarm at 6 AM, you have 5 minutes to open the window, take a selfie and put it on a slack channel.

5am early morning friend I Am Look For Sex Date

fiend That is the prove that you actually did it. If you put the selfie between 10 and 15 5am early morning friend after the alarm rings, you are getting a strike. When you have three strikes you must buy a coffee for other two guys.

Yea, you slept now pay for it. Fucking failure. If you put the selfie after 6: Buy us a coffee. I failed, I was a failure and failed 5am early morning friend fourth day… Prove below.

Every week we reduce the time for 15 minutes. Week one: Week two: Week three: Week four: Week five: Week six: We are ready and we are unstoppable. What did we learn from it?

You just need to have discipline with three things. Nothing else is important, just follow those basic rules:. Rule 1: Eat healthy. Rule 2: Live healthy. Rule 3: 5am early morning friend to sleep early. Only with that positive attitude and right lifestyle, you will not give up.

There is no substance that could help you, the most crucial thing is to not feel like shit. You have to feel good while changing your habits. Emotions and attitude are 5am early morning friend. Days are days, there is no difference between workdays and weekends, a day is a day, it belongs to you, not anyone else. It would be harder to apply this habit if you sleep till noon on the 5am early morning friend. You must be consistent!

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The best way is to get up around 8 AM. If we consider a rule 2 Live healthy, is alcohol healthy?

A fan of his work (bestseller “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is my go-to gift for friends), I was enthused to read it despite thinking a 5 a.m. start. Meeting your friends for that two hour trail run at am, and then I routinely stayed up until two or three or four in the morning and slept until. The truth is, I have a love-hate relationship with my friend, 5am. Let me just tell you this right off the bat: Waking up at 5 am is officially the most.

No, believe ,orning, I tested it. If you drink alcohol a day before especially in the evening you will struggle. You will fucking struggle the next morning. But if you drink alcohol the day before be the man and pay that coffee. Two of us Zoran and Luka are attending the gym six times every week. Your body should be healthy, you must do something with 5am early morning friend.

Find your way, but do something, it could be exercising at home. Believe me or not, there are a phases of sleep time. I tried and I can definitely tell you that is quite difficult to wake someone in stage 3 sleepbut relatively easy in stage 1 or REM sleep. Every phase is around 90 minutes long. You know the moment when you woke up and felt like the train hits you? When you felt like shit? Probably firend woke up from the phase 2 or phase 3.

Alarms are brutal, they wake us up at the wrong part of the sleep cycle. If you want to wake up at 5AM you have to fall asleep at one of these times:. I tried mroning. If you want to have 6h of sleep Wife swap Stamford Connecticut sex, go to bed around You will morbing 15min to fall asleep and you will wake up refreshed.

You will feel better in the morning with those 4 hours and 30 minutes than with 5 hours. In the beginning, it will be hard for you 5am early morning friend find your ideal time but after a few morninng of testing, you will find it. But a little 5am early morning friend and determination is all that is required. Try to turn off all technology at least one hour 5am early morning friend sleep time.

Read the book, write something, go for a walk. That means; no mobile phone, no laptop, no movies… I tested it, motning really Nude women Cyprus, if you can afford it turn it off.

A few days in a week I have some obligations in the evening and I came home 5am early morning friend 11 PM.

It takes me at least half an hour to set up everything and to go to bed.

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I struggle, I struggle the next morning. I like it and I am using it for almost a year. There are many healthy benefits if you take a cold shower your blood will better run through your body. That shock of cold water will reset you, 5am early morning friend help you to start the day better. I will be honest with you. You will struggle, a few months after you start doing it, you will keep 5am early morning friend.

Believe me, I still struggle.