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Her Life Is Love is a parenting and lifestyle blog dedicated to providing recipes, ideas, and tutorials that improve the vibe of a home, no matter how small. I blog about food, parenting, and creating an organized and inviting home from the perspective of a frugal, minimalist lifestyle. We call a tiny two bedroom apartment our home, but we thrive within this tiny space. You, too, can make a happy, loving home.

Before you get started, meet my daughter, one of my biggest reasons for this blog.

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Still here?  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Paula and I am the editor of this blog.  I decided to start blogging again because I have fond memories of blogging as a way of connecting with offline and online friends (think Xanga, LiveJournal, and Tumblr).

Of course, my life now is quite different from back then and it’ll reflect in what I choose to write about. I will focus mainly on parenting and matters of the home, but you’ll also find me sharing about products I love and tips on saving money (or finding free stuff) because I’m ridiculously good at that.

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