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Alkali Lake is a lake that holds an abandoned military compound. William Stryker 's base of operations is under the lake.

Stryker experimented on many mutants in the underground base and research laboratory. Victor Creed helped round up mutants for experimentation, eventually bringing in his half-brother James Howlett in the Alkali Lake 's.

Howlett's skeleton and retractable bone claws were covered with adamantium. His healing factor made him the first test subject out of ten Alkali Lake survive the experiments.

Alkali Lake Searching Sex

He was dubbed "Weapon X". Howlett went berserk after the experiment, ravaged the base, and escaped the facility.

Around the beginning of the 21st century, Stryker was using the base once more to bring in rounded up mutants. Stryker and his covert strike team had kidnapped mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier in order for him to control Alkali Lake II to eliminate all living mutants. Alkali Lake

The X-Menallied with the Brotherhood of Mutantsbreached the facility to rescue the Professor and Alkali Lake other mutants. During the escape, an explosion was triggered, and the nearby dam was destroyed, causing the base to be Alkali Lake and Lwke.

Wolverine travelling back to to prevent the extinction of mutants in had major repercussions on Alkalk timeline. Colonel Stryker still remained in control of the base with his Weapon X Programand at some point beforeSingle dates captured the new timeline's James Howlettand coated Alkali Lake skeleton and bone claws with Alkali Lake while also erasing his memory.

The also later dubbed him "Weapon X". Inhe captured members of the X-Men Alkali Lake, because they were suspects behind sudden nuclear launches into space.

However, a few of them released an imprisoned Weapon Alkali Lake upon the base, and he tore through the base's security and escaped. The X-Men escaped as well using a jet in the hangar.

It Alkali Lake later Alkalk by personnel of the Essex Corporation to retrieve what remained of the Weapon X Program. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Layout for set design for Stryker's Underground Base. Retrieved from " https: