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Is there any common word or expression for saying "to unload Anyone need to unload It doesn't matter what kind of workers they are - the point is - what's the right word for how to say "take some scope of work off some person"?

I guess "unload" is inapplicable when talking about a person, or am I wrong? The Synonym Finder lists Lighten one's load, lighten the Anyone need to unload, or ease the load as synonyms for disburden, unload, assist, aid, unburden, and help. Perhaps, the word "relieve" meaning 'to take the place of someone and continue doing their job or duties' would suit better:.

unload | meaning of unload in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

A part-time bookkeeper will relieve you of the burden of chasing unpaid invoices and paying bills. I can see why you would say or think 'unload' on a person's tasks needd it is very, Anyone need to unload common to use the metaphor, "crushed".

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Perhaps a better phrase - de-task - unburden and my favorite jargon Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Rogov V.

Rogov 2 Reducing the scope of their responsibilities could be different from reducing the mere amount of work they do.

Is reducing the scope of their responsibilities central to your question?

Urban Dictionary: unload

I believe the direct object of the verb to unload is the load itself, not the bearer of the load. We actually have both uses in English, Anyone need to unload you can unload the groceries from the carand you can also just unload the car and they generally mean the same thing.

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But idiomatically, we don't tend to use either phrase about people maybe because we don't think about people as cargo carriers. The phrase lighten one's load is not uncommon.

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Davo Davo 3, 1 10 Perhaps, the word "relieve" meaning 'to take the place of someone and continue doing their job or duties' would suit better: I'm on duty until 2 p.

Yulia Yulia 1, Anyone need to unload Melkor Melkor 1 5. The new person was hired to "offload some work" from other people. Larry Chiang Larry Chiang 11 1. If I say "I don't have the bandwidth to do that right now.

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