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5 Toddler Bath Products For Bath Time Fun

By on March 6, 2017

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There are tons of different bath products aimed for babies and toddlers out on the market and it can be overwhelming to pick and choose.  My daughter loves bath time and these are the five toddler bath products we use to keep it that way.


CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream

A lot of parents and even our pediatrician recommend Cetaphil for use with my daughter’s skin, but it made her skin so itchy that she would scratch herself until she had scars from her constant scratching.  I tried CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream on a whim (I was browsing through Meijer and had a coupon) and am so glad I listened to that whim.  It rubs into my daughter’s skin very well and my main plus is that it doesn’t seem to cause any itch, so she doesn’t have the urge to dig at her skin anymore.  The cons I have with this product is that I feel like I need to use a lot to cover her skin surface area.  I think perhaps because it is a cream, it doesn’t spread out as far when I rub into the skin.  Also, it feels like it leaves behind a slightly waxy residue.  Maybe this is a protective barrier of some sort to keep the moisture in.  It doesn’t bother my daughter, but it just leaves me feeling a bit turned off by the feel it leaves on my own hands.

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TruKid Bubble Podz

My daughter absolutely loves having bubbles in her bath and Bubble Podz has a version that is safe to use with eczema-prone skin, which is a huge plus.  My daughter had some serious patches of eczema in her first year and the pediatrician told us to keep her bath water from getting too hot, leave her in for a short amount of time, and no bubbles.  He obviously hadn’t heard of TruKid Bubble Podz.  I received a pack from my cousin’s wife and my daughter loved it.  I felt completely safe with using this product for her because it didn’t cause any irritations and rather, I felt it helped soothe her skin.  I won’t say this cured her of eczema, but she hasn’t had any reactions in a year now.

Pro Tip: Use one pod towards the end of filling up the tub.  Placing it under the running water too soon causes most of the bubbles to disappear by the time you turn the faucet off.  Also, don’t rush through letting the pod dissolve in your hand, even though it leaves the gooey casing behind.  You want the rushing water to seep through the entire product and create a lot of bubbles.

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TruKid Dancing Hair Detangler

This hair detangler is amazing! It works on the toughest tangles. I’m talking a knot in a knot. I used it on my daughter when I can’t untangle the mess with my own two hands. It leaves behind a slight shine, but that’s not a problem when I can untangle my daughter’s (and my) hair without tears  (in the hair or on the face).  This is a toddler bath product I will always be sure to have an extra one of.

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Nuby 16-piece Floating Foam Bath Animals Set

This is a nice pack of foam buddies that will stick to your tub or tiled walls when wet. It provides simple, creative play and a good opportunity to learn sea creatures and colors. There are two sets of the same eight creatures. I used one set until it got moldy.  They are sturdy so they won’t break apart easily.  I haven’t tried breaking them in half, but they seem to withstand typical toddler strength.  My daughter is not a biter, though, so not sure how it will hold up to teeth. Click the image for more reviews.

Pro tip: Separate them to air dry. I found out the hard way that if I didn’t bother to separate them after a bath session, they will grow mold that you can’t scrub off.  Simply replace with the second set or buy it again. It won’t break the bank.

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Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser

Like a typical toddler, my daughter hates getting water in her eyes or running down her face. I like this whale cup because it allows for fun and the yellow rubber grip helps rinse shampoo out of my daughter’s hair without letting the water get into her face (provided she tilts her head back far enough). The best part is that it doesn’t get moldy and will air dry well when turned upside down.

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Are there any bath products you love to use with your child? Feel free to share!

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The Two Confessions of a Creepy Mom

By on March 3, 2017

If you are here for a terrible pun, here it is.  The two confessions of a creepy mom…get it?  Not…the true confessions.  Hahaha, I told you it was terrible.

I thought about this last night after putting my daughter to bed.  I was planning on coming back out and working on a post, but I found myself whittling away the hours watching her sleep, hearing her breathe, and sniffing the lovely baby smell out of her.  Well, actually, since she is no longer (technically) a baby, she doesn’t have that sweet milk smell about her anymore…but she still smells nice.

If I was doing this to any other person, that would make me pretty creepy, right?  So, that makes me a creepy mom, but I’m proud of it.  Here’s why.

Confession 1

Ever since my daughter was born, it’s only once in a blue moon where I get a full night of sleep.  Strangely, I don’t mind.  Before baby, I could not function well without a full night of sleep.  This must be one of the many ways a mother’s body changes.  Somehow, I am very willing to pass the night away with less hours of sleep than before.  There are often nights where I choose to just stare at my child and before I know it, two hours have gone by.

This seemingly mundane obsession I have over my daughter’s nighttime sleep is just a fraction of how much I love her.  You often hear about that amazing thing called a mother’s love.  If anything, perhaps you’ve seen it in Harry Potter?  You know, the part where (spoiler??) Harry’s mom sacrifices herself to protect baby Harry?  Yeah, that mother’s love.  This is just a fraction of that.  It makes me a creepy mom, but that’s OK!

Confession 2

All creepy moms will have done this next one at least once.  We’ve kept a poop diary.  It’s what it sounds like.  Basically, we write down the times our baby poops and what color/consistency it is.  Every time.  Of course, this is mainly in the beginning when the pediatrician needs the information to make sure our baby is eating and digesting everything alright.  I hardly remember those days, though, because everything else about being a new mom was so overwhelming.  The poop diary and the feeding schedule took over my life.

One thing you might not know about newborn babies is that they eat a lot and eat often.  Or at least, I was told you have to feed them like every few hours or so…and if they are asleep, you have to wake them up and feed them.  I remember Googling how to wake up a sleeping newborn or keep them awake so they would feed.  Now, it’s more like how do I keep my child asleep?  But, you know what?  I want to do it again.  We are trying for a second before the age gap gets any wider, but no news yet.

This post was partly inspired by puns.  If you know any punny jokes, leave them in the comments below.  You’ll at least get a laugh out of me!

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What the Terrible Twos Really Bring

By on February 27, 2017

Since this website is mainly a personal take on parenting and the likes, I feel the need to talk about the one who gives me all the opportunities to learn about being a mom and a parent.  I currently have one daughter and she is a toddler.  Honestly, I feared the day she would become a toddler because I had been so inundated with the ideas that “Terrible Twos (or Threes)” was all there was to being a toddler.  But, it’s so much better than that.  Allow me to gush about her here.

  • She worries about my well-being.  One “oh, no!” from me and she will drop whatever she is doing and run over in concern that I’m sad or hurt.
  • She doesn’t say much in terms of sentences, but she’s got a huge repertoire of nursery rhymes down. She loves “If you’re happy and you know it” and “wheels on the bus”.  She will jump along with those monkeys on the bed and go around in circles for “Ring around the Rosie”.
  • She loves to help with everything. Of course, everything takes that much longer to do, but encouraging her helping spirit is worth it. She especially enjoys pushing her own stroller, powering down her tablet, and putting away all the grown up shoes she likes to try on.
  • She gives the best kisses! My friends may remember her open-mouthed, sloppy kisses from her first birthday, but now she has the whole  close-mouthed peck down, complete with a loud “mwah”.
  • She is a super happy and friendly baby. She will force me to have conversations with strangers because she will go up and say “hello” first (it sounds like “hel-wo”).  It’s either that or she’ll show off her shoes (because they are pink shoes with Elsa on them AND they light up).

What are some of the special things you love about your toddler? How does your toddler show you their love? 

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Midnight Musings

By on February 20, 2017

I love being a mom, but motherhood is a challenge.  It completely changes you and once you grow accustomed to it, you want to find yourself again.  At least, that’s pretty much what happened to me.  I attempted to start a blog like this before, but I didn’t put much effort into it, claiming that taking care of my baby took everything out of me…and it did…and didn’t.  Now, that baby is a toddler and growing to be more and more independent.  I am back with a renewed fervor to find myself again…yet I already know it won’t be my old self.  Motherhood changes you.

One big change was that my world could no longer connect on the same level as my friends.  Out of my close circle of friends…I am the only one married…and the only one with a kid.  Recalling the days when I was single and child-free, I know it would be difficult to expect my friends to be able to relate to the new experiences I was going through as a new mom.  I am hoping to use this as a medium to connect with old friends and new, by sharing what my life means to me now.

I plan on reveling in being a mom, but that is not all my life is about.  I want to share with you great places I come across.  I hope to share with you the excitement I find in different forms of entertainment.  I aspire to show you different recipes I attempt to cook.  I dream of creating a fulfilling week after week full of whatever fun things I can find and hope that represents me and the friend I want to be for you.

And now I finally begin.  Always feel free to reach out to me because, yes, I would truly love to hear from you.

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