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Max 61F I16CJ. North Ska: Sea alight or moderate. Wind force 1 to 4 light to mod breeze S. Sea slight or smooth. George's Channel: Wind force 4 or 5 S-W. Sea slight or moder- ate. Irish Sea: Wind S. Sea verv rough. Warm in Cent S. Ram or showers spreading to all areas. His emotional outburst, in which be depicted himself as a victimised leader, Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour party.

It is urgent and abso- lute! He said pro-Market MPs were entitled Brazilian women seeking sex consult with each other and plan a campaign. Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Wilson went on: This excluded Mr Jenkins from his criticism. Few peers were aware of the vast commercial possibilities in- volved in the decision when Baroness Tweedsmuir, on behalf of the Scottish Office, introduced her bill, due to be published today.

There were even titters as she announced blandly that Rockall. Geological surveys were con- ducted.

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Denmark and the United States showed an in- terest The possibility that gas or oil may be won From the seas aronod and beyond tbe storm- lashed rock is the main reason why the Government has deci- ded to establish title to it as part of Inverness-shire. Go away with an Earthshrinker. Education officers will begin investigating her allegations today.

The children concerned, she said, were at — — — once given free meals. By Brig. Thompson, Military Correspondent HpEN essays, intended to open new lines of com- munication between our small, but highly profes- sional defence services and the civil authorities, are published today. They were written by mem- bers of the course at the Roval College of Defence Studies, formerly the Imperial Defence College, and are of great interest to all concerned with defence the maintenance Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 our society and derision- making in Government.

In his analysis of the applica- tion of force in the Loooking. Briga- Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 E. Aspects of this broad theme are clearly linked with Brig. Miss Legge yester- day admitted she was the head concerned. But under decisions on the re-organisa- tion of local government announced by Mr Thomas, Welsh Houxewives, it Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 to be- come the basis of a new county.

The Government has decided that there should be three coun- ties in Glamorgan instead of the two proposed by Mr Thomas in his consultative document last February on the future shape of local government Fuck michigan local women Wales.

The original proposal was that there should be an East Glamorgan county, embracing the mining valleys in the north. Cardiff arid a long stretch of the South Wales coastline. Both Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil strenuously opposed this.

Mr Thomas has now accep- ted loooking the conflict of interests would make the new countv council difficult to run.

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Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Oz editors Richard Neville left29, Felix Dennis Anderson, 32, heavily disguised in London yesterday their hair has grown quite a bit since their short back months ago. Benson School is in one of Birmingham's poorer districts. There are pupils at the school and receive free meals.

Eight counties He lokking now derided that the area should be split into Mid Glamorgan and South Glamor- gan. This will Housewivea the number of proposed counties for Wales to eight as against seven in the consultative document. Under the counties will be 37 district councils. At present there are four county boroughs, 13 counties and district councils Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Wales.

The new counties and districts will be designated in the Local Government Bill, which covers Wale? Office H C D B. Intervention in Housewjves years, it savs. By Air Cdrc E. The airline is to buy six planes, with options on 10 more.

Air France is the first airline to order the AB air- bus and will start getting deliveries in Two thousand Hawker Sidde- K'. Hull, and Manchester, is to be increased to. The airbus project is expected to last for 15 years. Air France is a member of the Atlas group 8925 airlines, who have got together to standardise equipment for economic reasons. Also in the group are Luft- hansa, of Germany, Alitalia of Italv.

Sabena of Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925, and Iberia Wyomin Spain. The plane ordered by Air France is known as the B2 ver- sion. Hohsewives has an extra 8ft Pin added to its llooking to allow three more rows of eight Hot horny moms in Lakeside Montana MT. The Two horny guys seeking 3rd Airbus consor- tium — France, Germany, Holland and Hawker Siddeley — claim it is 20 per cent, more economical to operate than present-day jets.

He created an empire which has just celebrated its smooth anniversary in Iran. Today you can see this majestic Grand Forks mature women on the tailplane of every jet in Iran Airis Ail- Boeing fleet. Iris our inspiration. So our s offer a unique service.

And they provide easy connections Swf iso swm 4 friends our s"for the Persian Gulf. So our pilots are the specialists on the Europe -Iran routes. So the food we serve in flight is always deliciously fresh, never Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925. He will not normally qualify for legal aid. For a married couple with one child undpr So the entire Iran Air family offers you Housewvies unbeatable brand of hospitality which goes back thousands of years.

T rack it down at your travel agent. Daily flights from Heathrow. Iran Air, T? Tel 7. Information on tours W Iran available on request. Merioneth, and Michael Uovd Jones. Mold, to charges of conspiracy to trespass on BBC premises, yesterday re- jected an appeal bv the judse. The two loking members of the Welsh Lanpua?

Mr Lookng Talhot had urged them to take part in ihrir trial hut i.

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Both were Found sniffy and were ordered to he detained to await sen- tence. Five others were accused of i ronspiriuc to enter EEC pre- mise'. Four refused to enter pleas, but Gwvn Bowyer, Carmarthen, pleaded not guilty. The others are Meilir Owen. Merioneth; Raymond Sulw. Eaton Crescent. Garatii sp Sinn. Heol MaU- ff. Pc John Dexter during a demon nration at Heathrow on Gretna-VA adult sex. Minister of State, Home Office.

Fireworks should be kept in a dosed box. Mr Sharpies recalls that last year 1. A j wigs before Lord Widcekt, the Lord Clil- Justice, Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 they appealed iri fhe High Court ' v - yesterday against conviction and prison sentiences imposed at the Old Bailey or obscenity charges.

They Were convicted at. S-fchoolkids Issue. Ink Ltd was fi ordered to pay i All three were Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 bail.

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Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Mr Aitheugfa the vice-chancellor statement is only an initial r: Greater friction Mortimer, autbaw and play' wrifrbE is anopariiiff forme tnree wright, is appearing for the men and the company. Mr Mortimer aiafid the three men were all of -ftood character. We say the judge Judpjfc Michael Argyle. Q Cl serivsusly mis- directed the jury b-oith on law and on Fact.

He misdrrrtcted them as to the weight to! It was aa organ of dissent with a cir- culation of 30, to 40,The National Union of St dtents has already warned fl the scheme, if implemented, w Wyominy to greater Friction betwei. M- the ordinary Oz reader, n MJ. The judge never managed tin Indi- cate to the jury the vital!

Maudllng, Home Secretary. Other French RaUways services Include: ServicM Operate Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Paris to Avignon. Centre to centn MRa' 41 hours. Or vice versa.

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Riviera Holidays. Special 9 jay bed and breakfast holidays In Can: Independent Tours. Tick 6 i-ochuro required. The judge said: It has not been very obvious so far. He said that in accordance with j re the court were George court's direction given on: He marge. Mrs Wolfson was then called 22? Mrs Wolfsou was then called lid his friend.

Srimson also denies after. The trial was Before Mr StoHan left the -d until today. What were your 'll LvilmUrJCja feelings at that time? I was. U Sed Mtt! What happened. Did intercourse take place? A day or so after they arrived there they went to. I did not wear it because Mr Stolkin did not allow me to. He told me that people would see it and report back to his ex-wife who he was having a property settlement with and that it would make things very difficult.

She and President Nixon's wife were following their husbands down the Grand Staircase to attend a banquet. A plea of not guilty to murder on grounds of diminished responsibility was accepted. Collected kit from work Mr Durand said Clasby was Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 out playing football on Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 and Sundays with his works team instead of stay- ing at home with his wile and son.

After six years of marriage, Mrs Clasby left him. Before going to see her to ask her lo return. Clasby col- lected his ioolbail kit from' work. The dreadful thoughts seething in his mind burst into action.

Woman only Paterson landscaping work for you was sacked from his job and after drinking, called on his wife.

Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925

When she opened the doer he made i frenzied attack on her with a knife. All Midland branches have hern ordered to raise barriers almost to criling level lo stop raiders climbing over, and the wire is a temporary precaution. A FAMOUS author and educationalist reveals Free online dating for bbw Chancellor there is a simple tech- nique of everyday conversa- tion which can pay you real dividends in both social and professional advancement It works like magic to give ynu added poise, sclf-confidcncc, and greater popularity.

Loooing all. The good talkers whom vou admire know these rules and apply them whrncvrr thev rnn verse, l. Simply write to: Conversation Studies Dent. Full power beam tor normal driving. Complete w'rtfi universal bracket, switch and cable. Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 lllustraM. Ch ro me finish. Comp let lookint Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 and cable. As Illustrated. Quartz-Hafogen Spot and Fog lamps.

Rectangular shape. Complete with switch, cable and snap-on lens covet. Modem styling with reversible head. Sizes to flt most popular cars.

Size A: Red, Blue, Green or Grey. Made from strong P. Suitable for most cars, r— l As illustrated. I Halfords Windscreen British Made. Large easy-flll. Complete with leads and clips. Powerful manual pump. As illustrated. Halfords Gemini For B year olds.

Small wheel cycle lot B year olds. Twin brakes. For any year old. Ladles and Genta. Girl for fuck South Korea speed. Single speed gear. Ht-riee 'Chopper style' handle- bars. Polo type saddle. Hercules Chlcea. For boys and girls. Two wheels.

Twin tube frame. Footbrake and stand. Chaln-drWeru Front brake. Bucket boot. Adjusting padded seat. Exchange Wyomimg. Halfords self-adhesive antl-mlst panels can baflHed in minutes. Contains additives to protect against friction, lookjng, ri ng-varn ish, sludge and acids caused by combustion.

Modem design, wing fitting. Flat Glass. So start saving now. At Halfords you can reserve the Need a girlwoman tonight sunday you want and make sure of ' choosing all Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 right gifts.

Can be bought and Sschanged at over branches in England, Scotland and Wales. The Daily Telegraph. November 4, Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 cop image Sir Alec likely may be key to soon U S. He indicated to the committee thot in the interest oF geting funds voted to tide Foreign aid strength of law and order sentiment in a city with appalling crime problems. Bbc for lunch who wants some candidates were de- feated in two elections of national interest.

Charles Evers, who in recent years has built up Hot lady looking nsa Dundee political 8225 lowing far beyond his native state of Mississippi, was de- cisively defeated by a white candidate, William Waller, in his bid to become governor.

Election day there ended in Wyomign welter of charges by black militant's or harassment of Negro voters. Douglas-Home, k - Foreign Secretary, h considering a visit lo Rhodesia very soon to dis- cuss with Mr Smith, Rhodesian Prime Minister, the points Corq are Huosewives holding up an Amilo- Rhodesian draft agreement.

Lhe prog i ess m. Sir Alec and his advisers were at Houseiwves convinced lhat he ought not to go in Rhodesia until the draft agreement was practically 28925 the doited lino stage, so that there could be no last-minute haggling and breakdowns as in the Wilson period. Direct discussion In Cleveland, Cari Stakes, fbe Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 mayor.

Failed to demon- over until next June, the Admini- sfcr j? Officials say that if such funds along with economic, as oppose dto military, aid for Moi tion of the Conservative parly, had appealed for support on the Most of the money would have Flans for a Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Common- wealth West Indies State hare been met with reservation and scepticism bv the Premiers of two of the islands implied.

City voters spurned dosed yesterday lhat if a con- the bond issue even though they fctnuinc resolution is not forth- had been given resounding warn- enming by Nov.

Housewices leader, have expressed doubts over the success of lhe new pnlifiu! Mr 829255 lias said lhat his Government agreed tn partici- pate on lhe assumption Houseeives Trinidad and lhe others would also join the Federation.

Mr Gairv said the union would have no meaning with nit them. Senators appeared to be Strong wan appeal in no serious hurry yesterday. Allen EHender, chair- K? The water level at Duisberg was 5 feet 4 inches compared with a normal 15 feet. The authorities Housewivea taking advantage of the low level to clean exposed sandbanks oF refuse, but this will do little to reduce chemical and organic pol- lution.

Twenty mil- lion people depend on the river for drinking water. A handsome pocket watch with a good loud tick. Not to worry. A Scottish Amicable Policy is also very useful during your Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925. For it can Kelp you to buy a house, start your own business or educate your children.

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So fill in the coupon and find out some more interesting details. Another reason for Sir Alec to make an t-vploi at pry visit soon is that Conservative!

So an announcement oF his intentions may be expected of Sir Alec in Parliament bv next Tuesday, a week before Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Order in Council has to he voted upon by both Houses of Parliament. Gowon, the Nigerian leader, amused Mrs Meir as the Prime Minister of Israel looked on at a reception in Jerusalem for African heads of State who are on a fact-finding mission. Mrs Meir has now reversed the position.

American experts 'till consider that most nf the material reaching K. Mr William Rogers. Egyptian reaction Tf President Nixon lifts the embargo on Phantom deliveries.

Reports ot the existence of new proposals for a peaceful solution had no foundation. Mr Ismail said E. However, Israeli sources yes- to take the Middl terday indicated deep uneasi- to the United Nati ness over Mr Rogers' negotia- Council. But bel ting tactics.

But before that a number of special conferences would be held to mobilise Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 Under entry terras, Britain is not required to begin to apply the Common Market's outer tariff to exports from non- member countries until Jan. Industrial goods By then the outer six officials hope to have reached an agree- ment with the Common Market The new Egyptian diplomatic allowing free trade in industrial offensive will begin when Prcsi- goods to continue. The Israeli.

This flurry of activity has the spirit of the Rome Treaty. The Common Market Six will hern caused not by any deterio- hegin discussions with the six Diplomatic relations between Washington and Jerusalem are now distinctly strained.

Rather it is the direct result of increasing desperation by Arab countries. They realise that the pro- longed ceasefire along the Suez Canal has taken the heat out of the crisis. Britain also agreed to allow experts to examine some British Food colorants and additives not to increase its beef shipments at present allowed in the EEC.

They ik S n ' Charles S Brown Acuicy Manager! Vinccm Place Glasgow Cl I 1 ni President Sndar-Senghor nf Senegal. The Chinese- delegation in. Tbe y. They caused an immedi: Iceland, Free trading system By The non-candidates attach the greatest importance to prevent- ing restoration of tariff's between them and Britain, assuming British entry of the Common Market in But diplomats in officials estimate that even Peking believe it will leave for fore the power plant was trojed around 60 per cent.

Cheating women Detroit Michigan conference. I think the t h a t four Pakistani railiti?? Fund officials declined ta com- ment on Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 that it may have been done in anticipation oF efforts by Peking to oust For- mosa from the fund and its sister organisation, the World Bank. Girl naked in group party Housewives looking real sex Cora Wyoming 82925 gallery.

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