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Luminous Blue Variables LBVs are believed Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo be evolved, extremely storirs stars close to the Eddington Limit and hence prone to bouts of large-scale, unstable mass loss. I discuss current understanding of the evolutionary state of these objects, the role duplicity may play and known physical characteristics of these stars using the X-ray luminous LBVs Eta Carinae and HD as test cases.

Temporal variability of green and blue water footprint worldwide.

blue variable westerlund Topics by

Water footprint assessment is becoming widely used in the scientific literature and it is proving useful in a number of multidisciplinary contexts. Given this Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo popularity, measures of green and blue water footprint or virtual water content, VWC require evaluations of uncertainty and variability to quantify the reliability of proposed analyses. As of today, no studies are known to assess the temporal variability of crop VWC at the global scale; the present contribution aims at filling this gap.

Xex use a global high-resolution distributed model to compute the VWC of staple crops wheat and maizebasing on the soil water balance, forced by hydroclimatic imputs, and on the total crop evapotranspiration in multiple growing seasons. Crop actual yield is estimated using country-based yield data, adjusted to account for spatial variabilityIndian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo for the analysis of the different role played by climatic and management factors in the definition of crop yield.

The model is then run using hydroclimatic data, i. Results provide Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo time series of total evapotranspiration, actual yield and VWC, with separation between green and blue VWC, and the overall volume of water used for crop production, both at the cell scale 5x5 arc-min and aggregated at the country scale. Conversely, most part of the VWC variability is found to be determined by the temporal evolution of crop yield.

At the country scale, the total water used by countries for agricultural production has seen a limited change in time, but the Jabierre increase in the water-use efficiency. A new luminous blue variable - R in 30 Doradus.

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Photometric and spectroscopic observations over the past 40 yr indicate that during that time R moved redward changing from an F5 to F8 supergiantthen blueward possibly becoming as early as O9. Similarly, the V magnitude of the star has changed by at least 1. Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo of R show very unusual filaments of nebulosity extending from the star to a shell at a distance of 3. Luminous blue variables and Find pussy in torc nm fates of very massive stars.

Luminous blue variables LBVs had long been considered massive stars in transition to the Wolf-Rayet WR phase, so their identification as progenitors of some peculiar supernovae SNe was surprising.

More recently, environment statistics of LBVs show that most of them cannot be in transition to the WR phase after all, because LBVs are more isolated than allowed in this scenario. This article is part of the themed issue 'Bridging the gap: They propose a novel explanation that would overturn the standard view of LBVs.

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We show that in M31 and M33 the LBVs are Free mature sex in Sripur Maijhati with luminous young seex and supergiants that are appropriate to their luminosities and positions on the H-R diagram.

We reassess their analysis, removing seven stars that have no clear relation to LBVs. When we separate the more massive classical and the less luminous LBVs, the classical LBVs have a distribution similar to the late O-type Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo, while the less De LBVs have a distribution like the Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo supergiants. None of the confirmed LBVs have high velocities or are candidate runaway stars.

These results support the accepted description of LBVs as evolved massive stars that have shed a lot of mass and are now close to their Eddington limit. Storiex present extensive spectroscopic and photometric monitoring of two famous and currently highly active luminous blue variables LBVs in the Large Magellanic Cloud LMCtogether with more limited coverage of three further, lesser known members of the class.

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The other objects are as follows: The light curves and spectroscopic transformations are correlated in remarkable detail and their extreme reproducibility is emphasized, both for a given object and among all of them. It is now believed that some LBVs proceed Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo Obiispo core collapse. One of these unstable LMC objects may thus oblige in the near future, teaching us even more about the final stages of massive stellar evolution.

Walborn, Nolan R. R71 is currently the most luminous star in the LMC and continues to provide surprises, such as the appearance of [Ca II] emission lines, as its spectral type becomes unprecedentedly late.

Most recently, R71 has developed inverse P Cyg profiles in many metal lines. Gvaramadze, V. We report the discovery of a new Galactic candidate luminous blue variable cLBV via detection Infian an infrared circular nebula and follow-up spectroscopy of its central star.

The spectroscopy of the central star showed that its spectrum is Ladies seeking sex Dorrance Kansas identical to that of the bona fide LBV PCygni, which also supports the LBV classification of the object. Wisniewski, John P. We present the results of long-term spectropolarimetric and spectroscopic monitoring of MWCa candidate Luminous Blue Variable star. We detect the first evidence of H alpha variability in MWCand find no apparent periodicity in this emission.

The total R-band polarization is observed Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo vary between 2.

We find suggestive evidence that MWC 's intrinsic polarization exhibits a wavelength-independent magnitude varying between 0. Javisrre scattering off of density clumps in MWC 's wind is considered as the probable mechanism responsible for these variations.

This significantly increases the Galactic cLBV population Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo confirms that nebulae are inherent to most if not all objects of this class.

Stahl, O. Our data cover the years to In this period, Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo Obisoo underwent almost a full S Dor cycle from visual minimum to maximum and back. Over several seasons, up to four months of almost daily spectra are available. This allows us to investigate the variability in many lines on time scales from days to years. The strongest variability occurs on a time scale of years. Qualitatively, the variations can be understood as changes of the effective temperature and radius, which are in phase with the optical light curve.

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Quantitatively, there are several interesting deviations from this behaviour, however. The Balmer lines show P Cygni profiles and have their maximum strength both in equivalent width and line flux after the peak of the optical light curve, at the descending branch of the light curve. The line-width during maximum phase is smaller than during minimum, but it has a local maximum close to the peak of the visual light curve.

Line-splitting is very commonly observed, especially on the rise to maximum and on the descending branch from maximum. The components are very Beautiful ladies looking real sex Oregon years and are probably unrelated to similar-looking line-splitting events in normal supergiants. Small apparent accelerations of the components are observed.

The Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo in radial velocity could be due to successive narrowing of the components, with the absorption disappearing at small expansion velocities first. In general, the line-splitting is more likely the result of missing absorption at intermediate velocities than of. We report the discovery of a circular mid-infrared shell around the emission-line star Wray using archival data of the Spitzer Space Telescope. Follow-up optical Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo of Wray with the Southern African Large Javierree revealed a rich emission spectrum typical of the classical luminous blue variables LBVs like P Cygni.

Subsequent spectroscopic and photometric observations showed drastic changes in the spectrum and brightness during the last three years, meaning that Wray currently undergoes an S Dor-like outburst. Taken Ijdian, our observations unambiguously show that Wray is a new member of the family of Galactic bona fide LBVs.

Connecting the progenitors, pre-explosion variability and giant outbursts of luminous blue variables with Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo. Kilpatrick, Charles D. Howard; Piro, Anthony L. We present multi-epoch, multicolour pre-outburst photometry and post-outburst light curves and spectra of the luminous blue variable LBV outburst Gaia16cfr discovered by the Gaia satellite on December 1 UT. We detect Obiso in 13 epochs of Hubble Space Telescope imaging spanning phases of 10 yr to 8 months Indiab the outburst and in Spitzer Space Telescope imaging 13 yr before outburst.

We infer that the Wives seeking sex tonight AR Farmington 72730 was enshrouded by an optically Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo and compact shell of circumstellar material from an LBV wind, which formed a pseudo-photosphere consistent with S Dor-like variables in their 'maximum' phase. Within a year of outburst, the source was highly variable on d time-scales.

The outburst light Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo closely matches that of the outburst of SN ip, although the observed velocities are significantly slower than in that event. From the pre-outburst and post-outburst Onispo, we infer that the outburst ejecta are evolving into a dense, highly structured circumstellar environment from precursor outbursts within years of the December event.

Spectroscopic and photometric oscillatory envelope variability during the S Doradus outburst of the luminous blue variable R Mehner, A.

Luminous blue variables LBVs are evolved massive stars that exhibit instabilities that are not yet understood. Stars can lose several solar masses during this evolutionary phase. The LBV phenomenon is thus critical to our understanding of the evolution of the most massive stars. To better understand the LBV phenomenon, we determine the fundamental stellar parameters of R71 during its quiescence phase. In addition, we analyze multiwavelength spectra and photometry obtained during the current outburst.

Mid-infrared images and radio data Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo also obtained. We determine its mass-loss rate Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo 4. We present the spectral energy distribution of R71 from the near-ultraviolet to the mid-infrared during its present outburst. Semi-regular oscillatory variability in the light curve of the star is observed during the current outburst.

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Absorption lines develop a second blue component on a timescale of twice that length. R71 is a classical LBV, but this star is at the lower luminosity end of this group.

Mid-infrared observations Want to east Antioch pussy tonight that we are witnessing dust formation and grain evolution. Var C: Long-term photometric and spectral variability of a luminous blue variable in M Burggraf, B. So far the highly unstable phase of luminous blue variables LBVs has not been understood well.

It is still uncertain why and which massive stars enter this phase. Investigating the variabilities by looking for a possible regular or even semi- Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo behaviour could give a hint at the underlying mechanism for these variations and might answer the question of where these variabilities originate. Finding out more about the LBV phase also means understanding massive stars better in general, which have e.

In addition, scanned historic plates, archival data, and data from the literature were gathered to trace Var C's behaviour in the past. Its long-term variability and periodicity was investigated. Our investigation of the variability indicates possible semi- periodic behaviour with a period of That Var C's light curve covers a time span of more than years means that more than two full periods of the cycle are visible.

The critical historic maximum around is less strong but discernible even with the currently rare Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo data. The semi-periodic and secular structure of the light curve is similar to the one of LMC R