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Hames first got the aa for the study while she was a graduate student at Florida State University. One day, she Bordeaux women x com her colleagues were talking in the lab when they realized Looking for a jump off several of them experienced a fear that they would jump in front of trains, steer their cars into oncoming traffic, or jump off of tall buildingsā€”despite not wanting to die or thinking about suicide.

They knew from previous research that almost 1 in 7 people do think about suicide at some point in their life, but this kind of experience seemed different.

Their research led them to a counter-intuitive conclusion: Some researchers think there may be more to this phenomenon, though. One ovf said she believes people think about jumping from high places because it gives us a thrill, and challenges us not to freeze up when we feel afraid.

But what is the reason for this? I asked a few people who experience HPP to tell me how it feels to them.

Here are some explanations I gathered:. Another woman named Jeanne told me that she was perplexed by her own HPP thoughts until she was standing on a hotel terrace and mentioned it to friends who were with her and they shared similar stories.

She believed her HPP was related to other boundary-crossing ideas that sometimes pop into her head. Intrusive thoughts happen when people are going about their everyday life and are usually related to a past trauma, Hames said.

But for HPP to occur, a person usually has to be the particular setting, like a cliffside or ledge. She writes about psychology, crime, Loo,ing, travel, gender and sexuality.

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Begin typing to search. Read more: Here are some explanations I gathered: Meditation Made Simple Start Meditating.

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