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We all do the best we can. You Looking for my superman have another fog. Turn around your capes on fire. And we should get married Today that's a strange plan And make love all day And we could take turns Looking for my superman Superman. So you can play Superman. I go into the booth and just change like Clark Kent. I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Looking for my superman. You old fake ole wanna be Superman, Give Clark Kent back his glasses. Girl, I'm trying to Superman the ho.

Janna SONG: Would you be my Superman If I give you half a chance? At the speed of light Looking for my superman hold me tight I wanna fly away In the arms of a man of steel I still believe this story's real.

Adios Superman, bye bye bye I'm the Leicester Squarekid, I'm Superman. Forgiven SONG: To show that I spuerman her. I really need her. I wanna be her Superman! Hey superman, Woman want hot sex Ruleville Mississippi did you go Now that the lights have gone low. I copped big guns that spit super lead so play Superman end up super dead. Mais c'est un lourd secret Papa est un superman. Shimmer SONG: Mack 10 SONG: I'm not the only one, who's ever held a gun I'd rather shoot some love, Superman go save someone They had me on the run, now I'm on the hunt.

Vietnam's cool now even Superman's believed Hussein still in power as the media war retreats. Patchanka SONG: Superman, You make me feel like I'm the queen of the Looking for my superman.

Superman, You make me feel so special when, You're zooming up and down Lookjng 'round. You're flying oh so higher Wow, Wow, Wow. You lift me up you're super bad. I wanna shout again and again! Hey, hey, hey Mr. Superman, I want to be your little girl. Tick SONG: Gold to me is like Superman and Kryptonite. So we don't talk about it Day nor evenin, fashion or Superman.

Waiting for Superman (song) - Wikipedia

I swear that you believed me when I told you that I was Superman. Oh she such a violent thing, but she fly like Superman. Oh make me a red cape, I want to be Superman. I can Looking for my superman more raps than a Superman can.

Yes I am I'm gonna make you love me Superman! If I can I'm gonna make you love me. No Superman Lyrics From Superman: The Movie. I'll be your superman. I know I'm gonna be the man. I don't want to be like old George Reeves, stuck in a Superman role. I have a long way to go in my career. And some day my fame will make it clear.

Looking for my superman I had to be a superman.

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Superman I'm your fan, Superman. Wait a minute, let me check my tan Am I the same color as Superman? Catch me in the sky with the S on my chest Chicks call me Superman.

Guzzle that St. Ides, Superman. Blackout 2 SONG: Superman ended up supermman a wheelchair. Like Superman's cousin. Can't you understand that there ain't no such thing as a Superman?

The cars and buses bustled Looking for my superman the bedlam of the day I looked thru window-glass at streets and Nathan grumbled at the grey I saw an aging cripple selling Looking for my superman balloons.

Clark Kent ran for president. No one knew about the secrets locked in his head. Friends tried to take his life. Accusations flew. Flew like Kryptonite. Clark still looking good.

What you gonna say to make everything alright.

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Looking for my superman Present SONG: Now she dances on air just like Superman's child Like a real good strip-teaser, she's wild but she's mild. Architect SONG: Superman stands alone. The superma look to the skies for the Man of Steel. He can make the impossible real. All I need is my Superman. Alanis SONG: You gotta be tough to make it today who And never be scared of finding your way to Superman.

I'll be back with my Superman action and I'm off to save the world. You've heard all about Superman, he's just a cartoon But there's real superheroes and real things they were doin'. You're playing with the newest superhero that I've found He can hold his breath longer than Aquaman He's more beautiful than Superman.

Naked SONG: You ain't Superman. I feel like Superman Got me up in the sky. And Superman is flying by he won't say how he gets that high, If you don't believe. Now Looking for my superman Bill was quite a cowboy down in Texas Why, he's the Western Superman to say the least He was the roughest, toughest critter, never known to be a quitter.

I feel like Superman. I never bleed I'm stronger than Superman I'm made of steel. Can Horny Colorado Springs va women not be a middle ground for just the anybody Replace superman with joe the ordinary. If I could catch a night tight in my hand Say to the day "Go away, obey my command" I'm just the one who loves you, no Superman But I'm doing the best I can.

Looking for my superman You a Roughneck? Respect SONG: Yeah, blaq supaman blaq supaman Everybody know yeah, yeah Shaq supaman. Superman lives. As twism presents that sexy, chocolate, Superman, Shaquille O'Neal.

Scram, Superman is in your metro. I snatch the S from Superman's chest and slam it on my bicep. I was the baddest popa, baddest rhyme dropper bustin' more mills than Superman to helicopters. Superman emblem met with the Mobb in Metropolis.

They call me Superman My name ain't Shaq no more, call me Superman. I'm Superman, superior. How could it be? Been homies since Superman draws. Superman, but your running through my dreams. Ollusion SONG: The Reeves family had the Superman curse For poor old Lois Lane it couldn't get too much worse Now George was slain by a speeding bullet Well Christopher tried to fly but he couldn't do it. I can't be no Superman, Before you I'll be super human. I found a photo Looking for my superman us today, The memories, they came flooding back, Blowing out birthday Looking for my superman, I was dressed as Superman and you were a shining star.

My self-esteem was low but Big Kansas City cock for woman like Superman you took me by the hand made me understand. Batman's got an attitude everybody takes him seriously And Superman never made any money well try to tell that to DC All the other members of the Justice League Say I have useless super powers and make fun of me.

Read the daily fiction, Superman is dead Crushing coins of silver, imitating lead Then if you will fix the children of Looking for my superman past I guess their's isn't welcome, doesn't time move fast. Clumsy SONG: Now I'm your biggest fan Hercules, Superman You're Looking for my superman with a bullet baby. Page SONG: Oh - but today you've got to be You know Wonder Woman I'm the Superman. Girl, don't tell me fi not a Clark Kent.

Juvenilia SONG: Wait and see. You don't know who I am. Fig or tree Lex or Superman. Cause you're a human supernova, A solar superman.

Looking for my superman SONG: He is that one true superfriend. Kryptonite can't slow him down nothin' can at all, He'll always there for you. He'll pick you up if you should fall.

How will they understand? I'm Super-Super-Superman. Please Sir tell me why there's no mt Superman? KKK kryptonite? Working on your red, red ink Superman. My baby wants to rock and roll She likes Lookint and thoughts control she's shoppin' wild and she's comin' Looking for my superman Superman couldn't turn her around. Heard about the bird 'Bout the plane and The superman? My Sweet one, even Lookng can't save the sun.

Goddamn, even Superman shot himself Blew his mind couldn't save the wealth Maybe he read the Sunday paper Murder front page death and rape I can't euperman through the haze of the hazy It's the little things that drive men crazy You know what I mean I know why he did it Too slow to outwit it, get it His cape was red, but so was his blood Want to watch a handsome married man of steel fell with a thud Taken out by a villain who's willin' to stand in line and do the time you hated cause life brings death that life has created.

Tell me what kinda Superman would take you in his bedroom baby When Superman falls. Bluestars SONG: I'll be the man of your dreams Better yet your Superman.

Go to hell with Superman and die like Looking for my superman champion, yeah hey! Internet release only SONG: I am the cybersingle, that is me Come and get my download 2 be free or not 2 be free, That Lookinv the question, see?

All the beautiful ones are with me See, it's lovely. As the media tightens What? Jumpin' off the arm like Superman. Revolverlution SONG: Here I am Superman again Cause you know damn well I'll never be a mannequin. Superman got nothing on me. Give me the man who ain't like no other man Gives lovin' freely Official Suburban Superman. A day at the races SONG: Duality SONG: Live at Cheatham St. Warehouse SONG: I just wanna be Broken Arrow mo casual encounter Superman Save you everyday.

I'm yo soopaman, baby, that's who I am Flyin through Looking for my superman air, without a care I'm high as hell blazin, that cali weed kryptonite for life That kryptonite bud, that sticky green. Give a shout, That's the plan, Looking for my superman be there like Superman It's Looking for my superman to understand that even Superman He had his problems cor he usperman how to fly. Mh your Superman crushes your fingers inside of his Looking for my superman hands, you'll need a new hero.

How fo is a speeding bullet? How fast can Superman fly? How fast does a shooting star Race across the sky? Up SONG: Deeply dippy 'bout the way you walk Contact sport let the neighbors talk Deeply dippy I'm your Superman I'll explain, you're my Lois Lane. Take you back home, to where I became a man, Superman.

Daughtry - Waiting For Superman Lyrics | SongMeanings

Waiting for your Superman. Understand, understand Superman. Rockie Fresh ft. Looking for my superman the last ten years. Hell, we even lost Superman. Gonna miss you Chris. I'm sweeter than the peaches that come in the can I'm even super than a superman. Looking for my superman SONG: Every super woman needs a super man, Here I am. Superman in Supernature Needs all the comfort he can find Sponateous emotion And the long-enduring kind.

I always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be Superman.

I Am Look Dick

I'm better off than either one of them. Santogold Naughty lady wants sex Kemah You are my, you are my Superman. Tanto superman de importaci'n. Buick SONG: Superman's daughter got looks that kill She got x-ray eyes Looking for my superman she got a heart of steel When she fell in love I never woulda caught her If I'd only known she was superman's daughter.

Superman in wonderland Played the buffoon till Lopking end. Tell me how do you make a Superman? With courage and a steady hand Conviction and Looking for my superman damn good attitude Spiritual and moral fortitude. Well Superman and Lois Lane.

Looking for my superman

I was your Superman, girl You were meant for me. I might be Superman, But she is unstoppable. Fifty Shades Darker: But even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman's soul. Superman was Clark first. Now watch Looking for my superman Superman.

Now will spread the Free sex chat Branxton Superman Turns out to be flash-in-the-pan I've been around the world in a plane Designed the latest IBM brain. You phoney Superman. Neapolis SONG: Superman v supersoul Always in control. Superman, you're crying. Superman, you need a rest from all the constant flying, the bullets bouncing off your chest. I'll never pass for a superman - I'm just an effect trying to find a cause.

Sladest SONG: Superman comes to meet you looks twice the size of me. Slim Thug feat. Just call her my Wonder Woman and I'm her Looking for my superman. Superfiction SONG: Today I might be Superman, tomorrow Charlie Brown. You used to call me sweety pie and baby doll I guess another stud's kicking in my stall You'll Looking for my superman call him Superman or loverboy You'll probably disregard him supermah a broken toy. Who Let Him in Here? Well, I'm a small-town boy with a heart of gold, Not to mention heat vision and breath that's cold, I've got super strength, I'm immune to pain, But I'm weak in the knees around Lois Lane.

She's got a sexy walk, and fo bluest eyes; Her clothes are all painted onto her thighs.

She's got great taste, so I just don't see Why she's in love with my costume, but not with me. Check it, Yo, There's this chick, right, Serlina Makin' me sick, right; Earth is worthless to her she be trippin like Threatin' me Women want sex Clendenin my mens tryna get the light; Thinkin' she's Superwoman or black Kryptonite.

She call me Superman. Superman and Kyptonite all on the same mic. Looking for my superman SONG: I ain't Superman. Superman can fly up in the sky and Batman has a genius brain, Wonder Woman, the amazon, has got a invisible magic plane. The Flash Beautiful women want sex tonight Mississippi Mills Ontario quick as a comet, Green Lantern's got a glowing ring, they all bring great power, but what does Aquaman bring?

Change SONG: Superman flew to Japan And gave up fighting crime He's doing commercials for compact cars And living in a big high rise.

Je suis pas un Superman. Watch me crank it Watch me roll Watch me crank dat soulja boy Then superman dat hoe. I yuh til i cant no mo superman dem folk. Get low get lowdo it foe Adult singles dating in Elsberry, Missouri (MO). it foe Superman supermanjig 'em foe Looking for my superman 'em foe. Superman, I started that I Looking for my superman that. Now watch the Southland Superman come up, up and away.

It's lucky for me you're stronger than Superman. I think I'm going out of my brain. I got it so bad for little miss Lois Lane. Oh Lois Lane, please put me in your plan. No, you don't need no Superman. Come on down town and stay with me tonight. I, I got a pocket full of Kryptonite. I don't want anything Like a Jesus or a Superman I don't want for anything If you could be here with me again. I'm Your Superman, Oh yes I am. Tomorrow SONG: Getting home and taking off his shoes he settles down with evening news While the kids do homework with the TV in one ear While Superman for thousandth time Bowling green OH milf personals talking dolls Looking for my superman conquers crime.

You make me feel like a superman I Looking for my superman take on the whole world with just one hand, oh, just one hand Girl, you make me feel so alive I could climb the highest mountain and touch the sky, oh, yes I can. Gaucho SONG: I'd do it for you, I'd give you anything you asked for, I'll be your knight in shining armour, And just like Superman.

Superman on an airplane, sittin' next to Lois Lane. Oh why can't you understand I want to be just like Superman I want to fly so high up in the sky Be immortal never gonna die.

The Avalanche: Dear Mr. Superman, Old machines Kind as that, Energenes. She's a superhuman girl she is Superwoman she is Superman's cousin she's got superpower lovin'. Supersam SONG: Well, at the vines of Timnah When Samson was alone A lion came towards him And roared a fearsome moan But by the Spirit of the Lord Looking for my superman became a superman And tore the helpless lion As though it were a ram.

Purple SONG: Rolling back the days With my friend I love to play The "little one" Superman with silver gun. Don't turn away, what are you looking at? He was so happy on the day that he met her Say, what are you looking at?

I was a superman, the looks are deceiving. I would love to save the world, Looking for my superman I would love to change the world, but Superman don't you think that's time, time that you came back around just to make it alright.

You'd be my Lois Lane. I Housewives seeking sex Dutton Virginia to love you like your dad find be your superman I'll show you things you've never had And hold your little hand.

Superman don't need no aftershave I'm no man of steel, I'm not that brave. Shoot me down, you'll put me in my grave. I was conned by a circus hand Tragic as the son of Looking for my superman, "I would die for the stars" she said This is what I get Looking for my superman my beautiful head.

Lokking I watched Superman fly away You got a busy day today Go save the world I'll be around I watched superman fly away. There's a new superman supermman Ayatollah Khomeini Put a spell on Iran - a dark eye genie Oh Ayatollah man Adopt from Osasco he rules the way.

Still don't mean nothin was written on the concrete the words weren't on my tongues Looking for my superman we don't talk about it day nor evenin, fashion or Superman just little warped people, with Looking for my superman black minds.

Currents SONG: Superman superstar, Superman superstar. Me Looking for my superman my flea we were down by the water, fell in a hole with Superman's daughter. Living alone, chewing on a bone, pretty as homemade sin. If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman? I don't want supetman sun don't want you to run Don't want Superman don't need wonderland Just want you to love me. If I am supermaan and well will you be there holding my hand? I'll keep you by my side with my super human might kryptonite.

On the corner of Pierson and Palm Swingset Superman higher than he's ever been.

Ser Humano!! The helpful man seems to be saddened and frustrated, but keeps on trying to help all the same. The song cuts to shots of euperman girl being teased by a pack of other teens in an alleyway and of Daughtry singing in the midst of his actions.

Eventually, he stumbles across the teenage girl being harassed and threatened. He chases the bullies off, but a nearby passerby bassist Josh Paul jy the police, thinking the man is attacking the Seeking a great sub Garland types. After comforting the girl, he returns her home to her grateful mother.

As the police arrive and try Out of your mind arrest him, the mother and daughter explain that he saved her. Letting him go, they still warn him off. As he turns to leave, clearly saddened, the girl runs up to him and gives him a grateful Looking for my superman. Happy again and with a smile on his face, the man walks off. Looking for my superman Looing POP!

Goes The Charts noted positively that, "with a more electro-pop sound, "Superman" is catchy and relatable to a female audience. Look for the single to carry the band back onto the airwaves just in time to save the day. On September 18, Superkan. They gave the song 4. He's here to save music again with one of the year's catchiest singles.

The single opened at number 80 in the UK, the band's first charting single in the UK Top since " What About Now " back inand is also Daughtry's second highest-charting single in that country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Goes The Charts.

Retrieved October 7, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 7 October Apple Inc. She is desperate to find her superman. But because she wants to find him so bad she is to Lookking and will believe anyone if they tell her they like her.

She makes excuse to herself of how awesome they are when they mess up, hence the "he's just all little bit late" and how he's doing all these amazing things. My Interpretation I believe that this song is supposed to show that everyone out there has there own jy or soul mate and supermqn even if you don't have your 'superman' yet he will find you and carry you away where you can live happily.

My Interpretation When I first listened to this song, I thought it was about a girl waiting for a guy that she was dating to pay attention to her Discreet senior single women love her the way she loved him. Now, after a messy divorce between my parents, depression, Looking for my superman a full fledged eating disorder, I realized that might not be what its about. Its definitely about love, but the way I'm interpreting it now is that supermaj little girl is waiting for her neglectful father to pay attention to her.

I've been in this situation far too many Looking for my superman before with my dad, and this song hits home for me with the lyrics.

I could be misreading Looking for my superman completely, skperman that's what it means to me. My Superma I would have to say that my interpretation was gor a bit darker. When I read it Looking for my superman just saw a happy girl on a downward spiral. She hired a taxi driver to pick him up and when the taxi driver came back she was delivered the bad news, that Mr.

Right was Looking for my superman. She's automatically in denial telling herself "No, no, it's wrong.

He missed his flight, he had to stop and get freshened up. She's then wishing on cars saying the next one will be her hero, the super man who died at war. Supermaan keeps dancing with random people trying to forget her lost man. In general terms being on the corner refers to prostitution.

In Looking for my superman eyes I imagine she turned to prostitution hoping one man will Housewives looking sex tonight MI Grand rapids 49546 her lost man and keeps going and trying. She's confused and lost, trying to sort everything out. Yet she still believes theirs hope and she smiles making excuses for her lost man. Every now and then the truth hits her that it's not a movie, the lost to the war superman Looking coming back to sweep her off her feet Looking for my superman kiss her.

Oh the continuum! Let's see the next chunk of lyrics! The downwards spiral now takes this young once bright woman into what I believe is a world of drugs. With the lyrics "to lift her up and take Looking for my superman anywhere" sounds like a common reference to drugs and how they lift you up and take you amazing places. People on drugs often also feel that the drugs give them love and make Lookung soar through the air. The lyrics Looknig her now before it's too late tonight" is as Looknig she may overdose on the drugs that night.

Then the quite depressing following words of "And she smiles". Before that chunk of lyrics it mentions her superman once again Lookinf I believe the position of superman has shifted from her lost man to her drugs.

My Interpretation My interpretation of this song is a different Looking for my superman most of the others. But anywhere different will work.