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Mad men season Syracuse New York tonight drinks

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No whimps or nervous types. Well, will keep it short. And maybe I was a little baked.

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January 7, December 28, The Telegraph London, U. Avocado and Crabmeat Mimosa" December 15, December 7, December 2, December 1, The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook ". The N.

Gift Guide " November 25, New England Cable News "Broadside: News IQ Quiz" November 18, November 15, November 3, Notable Mention August 24, March 30, The series, which runs Sunday nights on AMC, is gin-soaked. And whiskey-soaked. And vodka-soaked.

It's also saturated in cigarette smoke, but that's another matter. As this New York Times story suggests, it's a relatively accurate snapshot of New York City drinking habits and trends of the early sixties.

Inhe followed up with "Amaro: His next book will be "Last Call," which will take a look at late night bar culture. Tonigght an anecdote or two from Madison County could make it into the book.

It should be fun. Do you have a collection drink chips, matchbooks, coasters or other souvenirs of your favorite Central New York bar-hopping stops?

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Let us know in the comments. Distillery Cats: Upstate NY author purrs the perfect shots in new book.

Noted drinks writer Brad Thomas Parsons profiles the furry felines who keep order at beverage makers across the U. Weiner, during a press junket a little more than a week ago at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, admitted the long delay is a "huge concern.

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But January Jones, who plays Draper's ex-wife Betty, thinks like others that the long gap has whetted appetites and might bring in a new set of fans. For a while, he didn't think he'd be back on "Mad Men.

But things eventually settled. Asked if he felt a need, given the layoff, to put some fireworks in tonight's episode, Weiner said "there's some showmanship in there.

Hamm said everyone came back with "renewed excitement," in part, he drink, because "you miss everybody. Slipping back into Don Draper's suit, he said, wasn't as easy as it had been.

In contrast, Jones said falling back into Betty in some ways is easy because she's played her for so long? Matt Weiner gives me new and more challenging and difficult things to do every year. Jones was eight months pregnant when they began shooting Season 5.

Alluding to the "Mad Men" secrecy, Jones said, "I can't say what he ended up doing with it, but I'm very happy with what he did with it. Thompson believes "Mad Men" can overcome the lag time and rustiness, noting that it's coming into a historical period Sygacuse is so richly mineable.

Season 4 left off in One reason "Mad Men" clicks, he said, is that drinkw identified "the fact that the s was one of the most exciting decades in U. They nailed every detail, from the clothing to the colors on the walls. The writing is right up there among the best on TV.

The acting is good. Asked to characterize the show's appeal to people, Hamm said, "I wish I could condense it into one awesome sentence, but I can't. It's escapist, he said, and set in a past that's both familiar and foreign.