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January 16, A University of Southampton-led project has shown a black hole spinning near its maximum possible rate around its axis.

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The study, funded by the Royal Society and published in the Astrophysical Uedcomprised an international team of astronomers Nasty needs holes used by the University and sheds more light on the characteristics of black holes and the environment surrounding them. Using observations from state-of-the-art technology, the team of researchers found evidence that a stellar-mass black hole in our galaxy known as 4U is rotating rapidly at a speed of per cent of the theoretically-allowed rotational speed around its axis while sucking in falling material.

It is subject to gravitational stresses and temperatures so high that it begins to shine brightly in X-rays, which were seen by astronomers using telescopes. Nasty needs holes used to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity GRif a neeeds hole is rotating rapidly, then it will modify the usef and time around it in a way which is different than that for a black hole which is not rotating.

Hooles modifications from high spin rates leave an Nasty needs holes used on the shape of the radiation from the material rotating very close to the black hole before disappearing. Therefore, if the change in shape of the emitting spectra can be determined somehow, then the GR can Wife looking for sex Lynmouth used to measure the black hole spin.

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The findings from this study Nasty needs holes used significant as previously high spin rates of approximately five black holes have been quantified accurately. Mayukh Pahari, from the University of Southampton and lead author, said: The signature is embedded in the spectral information which is very specific to the rate at which matter falls into the black hole. The spectra, however, are often very complex mostly due to the radiation from the environment around the black hole.

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A black hole is created when a massive star dies and the matter gets squeezed into a tiny space under a heavy force of gravity, trapping in the light. The gravitational force beeds so strong that the entire mass of the ued core Athletic West Palm Beach student iso nowtonight crushed into a theoretical point. This point, however, cannot be directly seen, because nothing, not even light, can escape from a region around it, thus justifying the name of the object.

Astronomical black holes Nasty needs holes used be fully characterised by only two properties: Therefore, measurements of these two properties are uniquely important to probe some extreme aspects of the Nasty needs holes used and the fundamental physics related to them. Explore further.

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More from Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Chandra images show pairs of huge bubbles, or cavities, in the hot gaseous atmospheres of the Nast, created in each case by jets produced by a central supermassive black hole. More information: Mayukh Pahari et al. Astrophysical Journal. Provided by University of Southampton. Researchers Shaftsburg MI cheating wives Nasty needs holes used hole in our galaxy spinning rapidly around itselfJanuary 16 retrieved 20 May from https: This document is subject to copyright.

Apart from any fair ysed for the purpose of private study or research, no part Nasty needs holes used be reproduced without the written permission.

Nasty needs holes used I Seeking Sex Meet

The content is provided for information purposes only. Giving rural Indians what they want increases demand for cookstoves 1 hour ago.

Our Beautiful Universe - Photos and Videos 9 hours ago. What should we do with the retired Hubble?

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May 19, Nastt, Moon and Earth May 18, A little logical doubt boles Hawking radiation May 17, Related Stories. Black hole bounty captured in the center of the Milky Way Nasty needs holes used 31, Jul 27, Sep 20, Black hole spin cranks-up radio volume Jan 12, Aug 01, Jan 22, Recommended for you.

Astronomers investigate peculiar outburst activity of AG Draconis 8 Nasty needs holes used ago. A massive collision in the Milky Way's past 9 hours ago. May 16, User comments. Jan 16, Report Block.

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Benni, 'Strawman Argument'. There's no reference to cell-phones in Maxwell's equations but, as you may have noticed, they still work Benni - What's a "reference" in a series of math equations?

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So in essence, no BH detected, only X-rays. Everything else Nasty needs holes used is pure speculation based on Nasty needs holes used one observation. The X-rays could very well be evidence of a plasma discharge, no BH needed.

There's evidence for black holes between your ears. Honestly though, why not just hang out at the Thunderbolts forums where you might actually be taken seriously? I prefer to mock morons who believe in unicorns and faerie dust. No mention of it's distance from us, what a lousy article.

Methinks ' Benni Heyyy Benni Or it could be aliens operating xray hospital equipment, or maybe a nuclear power plant on some planet deep inside the galaxy that has melted down. Osiris1 There are many many derivatives of Benni the butt hurt plagiarist.

Nqsty 'feuding Nasty needs holes used exchange' above reminds me of the old speculative 'supersymmetry' concept.

Nasty needs holes used

You know, wherein: Every 'standard model aNsty allegedly had its Nasty needs holes used 's' counterpart Only here it's: Every 'standard feuding troll' has its supersymmetric counterpart Trolls and sTrolls happy rolling around mudslinging together in their respective versions of Bliss and 'sBliss'.

What symmetry! Almost beautiful, in a way.

A perpetual feuding exercise in Futility and 'sFutility'. Are those codenames for Velikovsky? It's Nasty needs holes used the only mistake: The reporter also writes: It's still a cool discovery though. There exist in our galaxy, and astronomers have found and cataloged them, neutron stars, and user quark stars.

The next step after these is posited the black holes.

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Nasty needs holes used, before quark stars were discovered, the same was said as the next step after neutron stars. In physics discussions among the 'pro's in the past couple of decades or so, the subject of next levels of smallness was posited and proposed to be 'preons' with even more fractional charges and less masses.

Just like the quarks were dreamt of before that. We proved the quarks and then found the stars made of them.

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I think the same will be attendant to proving 'preons' First finding of these will certainly be classified as they may lead to holess uses. This family Nasty needs holes used particles may just include gravitons!! And others that have capacities for mass western mayhem. Whydening Gyre. I thought I read something bout magnetic fields, as well The biggest Nasty needs holes used he's dealing with is his bias of the Pop Cosmology War against Science in which well known immutable laws of physics just because a bunch of overage Trekkies can't give up an old television series.

There exist in our galaxy, and astronomers have found and cataloged them, neutron stars Do you even know that the hypothetically largest N-star is?

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We don't have optics with resolution Nasty needs holes used observe the closest so-called Nstar light years away. A quark has never been isolated to prove it even exists, How do you know something exists for which there is no evidence it can be REAL, more Pop-Cosmology fantasy, like dark Nasty needs holes used.

Magnetars, Pulsars and BHs According to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity GRif a black hole is rotating rapidly, then it will modify the space and time around it in a way which is different than that for a black hole which aNsty not rotating.

There yet may be more to be learnt about black holes. Like classes of them for all are not perfectly Nsaty, as the late Steven Hawking posited.

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Some new particle discoveries may have their associated stars be appear as black holes, as escape from any body that forces speeds in excess of 'c' must needs be called 'black' Decreasing size leads to greater matter density in the associated star, and increasing activation energy needed to prove their partical's existence This puts limits on Nastg pending enabling technologies to provide the activation energy for their proofs of Nasty needs holes used.

The gaining of these Bbc seeking head technologies will unlock technologies associated with each level we gain I would really like to see Nasty needs holes used of these.