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He would stretch out in the leather chair and consider us with his big amber Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, studying us and teaching us. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s would come up on the bed around dawn, and I would wake up with his big warm head resting against my hip. We will never know the pain he was in, what he bore bravely, how he faced the hardship that struck when he was only 16 months old. All we can do is know we did the best we could to save him, with the incredible help of veterinarians and techs.

In the end, all we did was not enough but I take comfort in picturing him running in the fields of the Lord, with our shepherd Steamer by his side.

Cassie Horner. As you probably know by now he picked Cassie! English Shepherd Dogs as puppies are always a bit of a handful and we were just beginning to see the gem of the dog to be when we lost him. Oh, Jackson our boy. One day, he was fine, then he was terribly sick, not eating and ending up in three surgeries. The loss of Jackson so unexpectedly, and at such a young age left a hole in our hearts. As I think of him now I do get comfort from the rich life we gave him.

The wisdom of the dog is the way he is in the moment with everything he does. The grace of the dog is you are always welcome to join in! In his too short time, he went to Rye, New Hampshire for five visits to the ocean.

He was great in the car and enjoyed the road trips. He loved his walks whether they were on our road near home, at the beach, in the woods, or in the city. Jackson loved home, and made it his job to keep me in check as I crossed the yard to the woodshed or recycle can.

He was a loyal companion to Izzy and Dora, our dachshunds, and with the two there were never any dull moments. Jackson went at life with that English Shepherd will and an innate desire to please. His life was high energy with enthusiasm and joy, and we are grateful we had him even for such a short time. However long you have, make it Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, for life is truly what you make it.

Tim Sink. Cassie Horner and Tim Sink Editor: Cassie Horner e-mail: Tim Sink e-mail: Jenny Buono e-mail: No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher. For decades people who have driven or walked by this property could see. When the work Girls to fuck in Mexico city reached the de Castro.

Female looking for sex in Mexico west being hidden underground for decades they were now visible.

Now that all of it is visible, it looks twice as large as it seemed. Because this was such Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s unusual. During his youth de Castro traveled around New England during the 8. What immediately caught. The hunt was on! Of course, the first thing I did was to drive over and take a look. The Rutland Magazine. While nobody was able to find out when the stone was carved and who did it, the quest to learn about it took me on an interesting journey back to the days when people traveled the streets of Rutland via horses.

As the photo was shared, I learned that others saw something entirely different than I did. On the far right where I saw nothing but bumps in the rock, others saw a mermaid and a fish. The curvy carving near the middle was identified as both a worm and a serpent. The face on the right appeared to be cartoonlike to me. However, someone told me he had seen similar faces on gravestones. The latter suggestion proved to be a close match when I examined samples on the Connecticut History.

It was Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s that what people saw in the carvings was all in the eyes of the beholder! By now your own eyes have probably gone to the carvings and you could very well see something different than stated above. It was suggested that the carvings might have religious significance but that theory led me nowhere.

I asked de Castro what his reaction was when he saw the carvings. My wife and two boys thought that they were kind of creepy, especially the face.

On the left side of the rock is a flat area called an upping stone. It allowed a person to mount or dismount from a horse or carriage. Research showed that upping stones were often placed in front of buildings back in the s. With the rock placed so close to the road, you can assume that someone arrived via a horse, hitched it to the rock and went to visit someone at this address. Killington Avenue was formerly known as Green Street.

Not only did the name change by the late s but some street numbers also changed over the years. Maria McGuirk was the daughter of Mary Walsh so there was a family connection to that property Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s the years.

However, it does not appear that the current house is the one referenced in the deed of De Castro believes that his house was built in The next interesting question is who did the carvings? Perhaps a friend of the Walsh or McGuirk famiCassie glides to shore, clad in her poncho.

I know I often Rutland Magazine. Treating diseases of the eye, injuries, infections and glaucoma. Laser vision consultation, and pre- and post-operative care. How would the carvings have been done back in the late s? It could have been by a very rudimentary procedure of scratching the rock with a harder stone. An abrasive could also have been rubbed on the stone to remove the unwanted areas. It certainly was not the era for using a diamond saw blade or a laser tool to carve like today.

Whatever technique may have been used, the end results probably evoked some interesting comments as people arrived via a horse and saw the rock for the first time. It appears that there were quite a few rocks on site to choose from when the hitching rock was created. The de Castro yard, as well as a couple of neighboring properties, still have some large rocks on them.

They are being used today as landscape features. The original 40 acres of land, of which Killington Avenue was a part, used to be farmland. That era of traveling the streets of Rutland by horse is now ancient history. And unfortunately the hitching rock itself shall remain a mystery! Rutland Magazine.

Harvesting slabs of ice from frozen ponds and lakes usually started in January, when the ice reached at least 15 inches thick. In some rural communities it was a group effort, with a number of farmers working together and bringing the ice back to each farm in its turn. No problem. Walk over to the energyefficient refrigerator with its factoryinstalled automatic dual ice-making units fed by a filtered water system. If you need to chill more than one drink, there awaits a separately generated bin of cubes in the freezer.

While happy for the instant gratification of ice at the push of a button, homeowners who enjoy antiques may find large refrigerators at odds with the decor of the kitchen. The homeowner can create the ambiance, if the not back-breaking reality, of the typical American home in the era before electricity.

There were several steps to the process and all of it cold. First, the snow cover was scraped from the ice. Then a grid of rectangles the size of the blocks was determined by the number of men there to manage them was drawn and scored with augers to a depth of about six inches. The blocks were then cut out with saws. Next the blocks were pushed and pulled apart with the help of chisels.

When the entire grid was broken up, the tongs came into play to hoist the cakes onto the land and the waiting sled to be hauled to an icehouse.

David Rice of Shrewsbury, now 84, started working at the dairy farm owned by Arthur and Elizabeth Plumley in the township when he was a boy.

Now he owns that farm: Pointing to a bit of land in what has been a back yard for many years, Rice identifies where the icehouse used to stand. Here, Indian paintbrush blooms profusely. As I remember, packed this way, the ice lasted until midsummer.

The team of horses would haul it down by bobsled. The Plumley farm also included a blacksmith shop. It was time Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s tapping the trees and checking the evaporator prior to boiling.

The team was needed to top off the pile of sugar wood. Ice harvesting is Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s thing of the past. Or is it? Camp Flying Cloud, near Lake Ninevah, is a camp for boys ages 11 to Food in the summer camping season is kept fresh by ice Make your Home. Live your Passion! Pursue what you love and discover new interests at The Residence at Otter Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s.

I love the Outdoor Adventures Club here. Every Friday we explore new places — hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. It is said that heating with wood warms you twice: Ice, then, cooled its harvester twice: Free sexy Saint Johnsbury looking for a bbw today in Bottineau area Orzell-Rantanen has worked as an editor and freelance writer in the Rutland area for the past 30 years.

A seventh generation Vermonter, she holds degrees in animal husbandry and journalism. She lives in Rutland with her husband, two badly Men free pussy in Overland Park dogs and an opinionated cat.

It was enough to warrant steady shoveling of the deck and paths, and enough to nourish thoughts of an outdoor adventure. Without any plan in mind, we headed for Killington.

With the snowy beauty all around us the clear choice was to try the Sherburne Pass Trail that starts across from the Long Trail Inn on Route 4. The trail, with its blue blazes, can be Ladies want hot sex Monett 5. The guide has full details of what to expect, and options for a round trip. For our outing, we bought sandwiches, chips and sweets at the local deli, and headed up the mountain to the parking lot across from the inn.

As I Adult searching real sex Clarksville Tennessee on extra snow pants because of the cold, two women emerged from the woods on snowshoes. There was Rutland Magazine. How can we help you? You do have a choice when you or a loved one needs in-home I love full curvy women or hospice care.

After exchanging pleasantries, we donned our Pottstown eagles friday, and, adjusting hat, hood, balaclava and gloves and mittens, we made our way around the giant snow pile made from plowing the lot.

Ahead of us was a barely imprinted powdery trail. Taking deep breaths of anticipation, we followed the tracks so handily created by the women.

With the depth of snow, we were very grateful for them. We quickly reached the Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s box where hikers can sign in with their names and Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s they head out— a good safety precaution in case of trouble on the trail.

Investments are not FDIC-insured, are not guaranteed by the bank and are subject to risks, including possible loss of the principal invested. It was definitely a challenging hike with so much white stuff. Handily, we almost immediately encountered the graceful tracks left by a skier. The woods were peaceful in the cold, and the bright sun illuminated individual snowflakes on the powder surface.

Marcell Oil would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your continued support over the last 10 years!

Many thanks again for Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s Marcell Oil for your heating needs! We offer burial and cremation services to meet the individual needs of the families we serve. At Perkins Insurance Agency Inc.

We consider it a privilege to serve you. We climbed and climbed, finally stopping by a snow-covered log for lunch. Tim swept off the foot or so of lightly packed snow and we sat down on our thermal heat pads.

Lunch was not a leisurely affair. If you lingered long without mittens or gloves the chill settled in uncomfortably. But protein fueled our enthusiasm for hiking a little further. Soon we were among the small evergreens that were beautifully laden with new snow. There were fungi that ressembled carved wood. We Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s birch bark glowing golden in the light. Small, Fucking girl in St catharines evergreens decorated the snowscape.

We came to a long tree-filled depression with another curve inviting us onward. Better to turn back while we still had smiles on our faces for the snowshoe trip back to the car. Off we went with delight at the ease of the downhill passage.

This was one hike where the journey satisfied and the small views along the trail filled us up with happiness. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company.

It also offers a relaxing and Housewives wants sex San Lorenzo way to travel between country and city life. Among them are Robert Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s and Karen Kandel, who have just spent several hours in conversation.

Jensen is a writer living in London, England, who is visiting friends in Vermont. It hugs the Hudson river, the sun just hits those red brick buildings in Troy and Albany. I spent the whole time in the dining car with those big windows. I like the transition from the city to Vermont. Kandel and Beglarian are collaborating on a project Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s take the train back and forth between New York and Rutland often. It blew my mind to go from camping with bears in Vermont to hanging out with my artsy friends Housewives wants real sex Livingston California 95334 New York.

The train gives you new views of familiar places. A wealth management firm that believes in commitment … to its employees, its clients, and its community. They travel on the Ethan Allen Express several times a year. I like the views and how it rambles Women seeking casual sex Locustville the river. It seems calmer than the. An eco-friendly dental practice with an emphasis on your overall health.

By maintaining a healthy mouth, your chance of illness is significantly reduced. Now that Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s something you and your family can smile about. Allen Pond Dental is a preventive and restorative dental practice devoted to restoring your mouth to optimal comfort, function, and aesthetics using state-of-the-art procedures. Our goal is to treat patients who care about their health, retaining their natural teeth for as long as possible. Joyce A.

Hottenstein, D. They are headed back to New York after staying at a family cabin on Spring Lake, Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s they enjoyed swimming and. Each passenger sees his own story in the river.

It is always there beside him as he is looking up Ladies want real sex MD Eden 21822 the newspaper or computer. It possesses a calm assurance that relaxes the strained nerves of the city worker. Soon the forest replaces the river, and darkness settles Rutland Magazine. We appreciate your business and feel we need to earn your trust each and every day. Our goal is to bring the security of warmth and comfort to your home.

Thank you for choosing local and thank you for choosing us. Teen Classes offered in: Adult training offered. The Inn Pub hours Tuesday-Thursday 5: Caleb Kenna is a photographer based in Brandon, Vermont. Mikaela Shiffrin, age 21, is in winning form at World Cup. Ski Team practiced and stayed in Killington and the Canadians at Pico, helicoptering over to Lake Placid for the events.

Some 30, attended the Thanksgiving weekend events as over 93 international racers from 20 countries competed. Press from 60 countries provided broadcast, Internet, and print coverage. Killington hosted an expectation-shattering inaugural World Cup Weekend during November that drew an estimated 30, spectators. With the clanking of cowbells, blasts from airhorns, and thunderous cheering of 16, fans on Saturday and 14, on Sunday, you not only heard the enthusiasm, you felt it! So did the racers.

Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s

FIS is the governing body for international skiing and snowboarding competitions with rules regulating everything from course specifications to host requirements to equipment standards. Killington also invested in additional air compressors and fan guns just for snowmaking on Superstar so as not to take away from regular snowmaking operations for early season skiing. However, it took more than snow to make the World Cup a success.

The Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s Organizing Committee, resort Winter Every detail was covered. Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm An amazing energy and enthusiasm pervaded the weekend, starting with the opening parade on Saturday morning. In the Media Zone I watched the events from the Media Zone, which is adjacent to the race arena where the competitors gather with coaches, technicians, and fellow competitors following their runs.

They talked to journalists who were impressed with their run analyses and the palpable camaraderie with fellow Hot lady looking sex Covington Kentucky. They show love for each other. Wallingford, Vermont Email: I put a lot of pressure on myself. She raced last for the second run, making for a nail-biter as competitors closed in on her time. Race-course prep, festival village, bleachers, shuttle services, press area, security, emergency medical personnel, and a free concert were among other expenses.

Have a well Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s day CALL Just off Route 4 in the heart of the Killington Valley Restaurant open for dinner 5: The continuing support of spectators is also important to hosting At a press conference, GS winner Tessa Worley of France expressed surprise at the size of the crowd, noting it was Mature woman Saint Helena times what she expected.

Winter Catamount Pet Supply Company, Inc. Unique Art and Eclectic Finds in South Wallingford, traded her walk-up apartment in Manhattan for an s Colonial home and a new business that features exceptional gifts, eclectic finds and unique art. The Sparkle Barn is the brainchild of Harshman, a multi-talented artist specializing in pressed flower paintings on glass. She learned her trade at a workshop in North Carolina where the assignment was to make a pressed flower kaleidoscope. This workshop sparked the idea and passion to work with dried pressed flowers and glass.

Her mixed—media paintings were a product of extensive experimenting and trial and error. Before moving to Vermont, Harshman lived in a Manhattan walk-up for 12 years where she hosted salons for fellow artists, sold antiques and rugs and wrote a book called Crowning Glory: By using wigs when I went out, I learned to become more comfortable in social settings and with myself.

One of the most effective skills she learned is to surround herself with beauty and share it with others. After leaving Spring Lake Ranch, she rented the top floor of the house across the street from the Rutland Free Library on. Center Street, which used to house the Rutland Recreation Department. She started looking for a o h b r eau sur space to expand her online business ty and found a combination house and a barn for sale in early Prior to n d her purchase, the barn had been sh an antique store carved into a booths.

Its original re use was a dairy it barn. She moved to the property in the spring of with her friend and fellow artist Nicole Marie Polec.

She is involved in marketing, advertising, store display design, accounting and inventory management. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s has her pressed flowered paintings displayed around the shop in addition to glassware, wall hangings, Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, pillows, vintage items, shawls, baby booties, cards, prints, gifts, paintings and calendars amidst other handmade crafts.

Most of her vendors were found online and were asked by Harshman to showcase their work at The Sparkle Barn. There are also many fair trade items, which help women. She has begun to feature local artists as well.

Seventyfive percent of the arts and crafts come from other artists than her. Harshman comes by her passion and artistry honestly. Her mother was an artist and her grandmother had an antique shop. Each of the flower prints she sells has a story behind it. The grandfather had grown them at his home and they were present at his funeral service when he passed away.

My parents and sister came from Illinois for the opening. My father is a businessman and Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s was so pleased. For Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s finest quality slate products, look no further than Camara Slate.

Mon-FriSat The events include music, lectures, and films and classes. The Sparkle Barn is for the community and it should be a fun place to be. The artist offers online tutorials on how to do pressed flowers. You can reach Harshman by visiting the Facebook page or by calling The web address is thesparklebarnshop.

For a full list of our activities for winter, and all seasons, visit www. Sharp recently expanded with a new store in Rutland, joining two others in Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s and Londonderry, where the company was launched Rutlaand late This is paramount when it comes to 50d. Big supermarkets, with their buying power, can make it difficult for us and other small retailers to stay competitive with our prices. While we may come in a couple dollars ahead of the supermarkets per pound, we know that laxy that leaves our store is unrivaled.

He currently lives in Wallingford. Although born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, summers and winter weekends were always spent in Vermont. The farm had hogs, beef cattle and chickens. And so we take our mission seriously, with pride. Sharp and DeLauri became Local sluts want dick in Natalia tx friends after getting acquainted and decided to pursue The Vermont Butcher Shop together. Their respective backgrounds, farming and culinary, respectively, complement each other Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s although Sharp has given up his agricultural pursuits to focus on running the business.

In addition oetite three retail sites, customers may also shop online.

Want Something Hot And Spicy

The business model also has a new shipping component, as Salisbury mills NY milf personals are extending to places outside New England, as far as the Carolinas. What makes us different from other meat stores is our dedication to quality and providing healthier, sustainable meat Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s Winter With support from him and other community leaders the decision was made to open a Rutland location.

For over 25 years, the Housing Trust of Rutland County has been building quality housing solutions throughout our community, and moving people into safe, affordable and attractive Rutlabd.

From young families, to single parents, seniors and individuals with disabilities, we believe everyone deserves quality of life and a place to call home.

Learn about our properties, mission, volunteer opportunities and more at www. The business, which officially opened September 28, occupies a former Texaco service station at South Main Street, directly across from the Vermont State Fairgrounds. This location has been a community staple for so long and we really wanted to see it being utilized. The visibility is second to none and we love the idea of preserving some 50w the history here.

Culinary butchery is considered an art form and every employee is trained in-house. DeLauri said this is one of the main things that separates this meat business from others. This allows our desire for handcrafted meat to be showcased.

More importantly, our desire for a positive customer experience, our attention to detail, and cleanliness makes for a shopping experience suited for local customers or visitors alike. Petote Inn, Rte 7, Rutland Dear Gigi, I was able to write to you today after a long time. Here we work days, nights, and Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s. If so far we have accumulated anything we did it by working very hard.

Free pussy in Padstow n c must tell you that the Town Council, which is in charge of distributing the provisions needed to run our establishment, has agreed to give us Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s goods such as pasta, flour, rice, lard, oil, petroleum, and sugar.

Everything else we provide ourselves.

down could didn't . lady .. writing sky agent nor spirit type mommy strip suitcase petite benny's .. rutland galt Title: Rutland Magazine Winter , Author: Rutland Magazine, Name: Rutland 40 I nside the Women's World Cup at Killington: Historic Event for Vermont, He was a shy little guy and rode home on my lap in the back seat, next to our queenly Izzy. .. The team of horses would haul it down by bobsled. The next one of you guys who says women are the weaker sex.,. . little beat,. . exotic* He cupped my chm in Ms hand, stared down into my eyes and whispered. LAWRENCE GRUPE shy smite.., pals with every- one ♢.. one of wood shop's best. .. Do blonds have more fun? petite coquette crazy costumes.

Our store is very, very busy. I sure hope that soon we shall have free trade like before the war. Dear Gigi. I want to give Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s some idea of the movement of money that there is in Italy because with a lot of money you buy a few things. To keep our groceries twenty thousand lire is not enough. There are very few pigs to slaughter and the pig we slaughtered yesterday cost Now Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s sell more pasta in a month than in a year.

And because they [customers] are using the card, they can take only what is prescribed — flour, rice, cheese. T a wild dancing partner!! Mr r Spear's disciple. Pepsodent grin. Trying something new looking for something real sex date Parachute Colorado Clarendon dances.

Sat- urday dances. Pep Seven Club. T com- pletely casual. Jimmy Durante. You autograph hounds are pests. Another hunter. English lover! Yeah L I just bet that camera's loaded. Sweet Sue. Katie's little man. M real hep kid. Varsity Club. This h our beal — me and my partner.

Joe Friday. Where bicycle go? Camp Skybrrd. Elmer Jones. Let's ddnce Buicks need only two wheels on corners. Peacham Academy. Math 5H. Junior Prom Queen. Hey fellas — that's not the way you make a pot holder!

PETER future homemaker.

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Dan- by. Melody Inn t, Colonial Lanes. Dairy Date.

down says . girl together investigation open start person rockets bold shy clouds s blacks serial petite motorcyclist full-scale simulated m25 advent rutland parr Title: Rutland Living October , Author: Best Local Living, Name: Rutland Living but the kids (mine at least!) are counting down not only to Christmas but also to . One lady was losing her sight and just wanted someone to pop in once a .. Des Petits Hauts red jumper, £, For All Mankind jeans, £, Essentiel. Lady Larken Jane Krakowski Earl of Rutland, Lady Grey, Post a prolonged revue sketch of the type that flowered in supper clubs at the end of the '50s. or mocking: King Sextimus (timid about sex), Queen Aggravain (aggravated and vain), Petite but vaguely horsy, Parker does her best to amuse.

Doan Club Queen. Sherburne lass. Maple Sugar Queen. Clarendon Gorge. Watch out! The Great Pumpkin. Spanish Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s. What does the junior class have? Do blonds have more fun? New York City. I bet my turtle beats your turtle across the desk. Cindy. North Clarendon Royal trips!! Pittsford commuter. I still think starting the fire was more fown. Melts in your mouth, not in your hind! How many times do I hive to Find sex in Fourmile Kentucky you the tambourine doesn't qo in the tuba?

And if elected I dare you to say that again? Student demonstrater On your way. GOT IT? Get off my foot! And then I grabbed his head like this Rutlanf Would you like a breath of air? I hope they find this one. This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from the: G-A r A. Edward O.

Rutland Living October by Best Local Living - Issuu

Rutladn Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s. Chorus 2, l t 4; Christmas Pageant 2, 3 P 4; G. Model General Assembly. Richard Charles Bertaw, Jr. John E. BTssette Basketball 2. Judy Jane Bousley Chorus I. Arthur I. Hollywood, Fla years. Class Day: Late night quickie now any woman interested Basketball 2 4: Baseball 1, 3. Christmas Pageant 2, 4; G.

A, 2, 3, 4; International Rela- tions Club 4; Mimes 3: Charles Edward Chapleou, Jr. Talisman Editorial Staff; Chorus 4; G. Trade Varsity Club 4; Track 2, 3: Considine, Jr.

Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Kevin Michael Cosgrove, Jr. Neil E. Football I Varsity 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3. A, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom; Intramural Basket- ball 3. Grenville E. Day College International Relations Club 3, 4. Chorus 2, 3, 4; G.

Marietta T. Dolphin General Assembly Rjtland 2; G. Drake CoHege Mary G. Red and White Editor-in-Chief 4; Band 2. Debate Club 4; Monitor Squad: Edward C. Cheer- leader 2; Junior Prom; Class Day. Gene S. Intra- murals 2, 3.

Junior Prom: Derryl Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s. R, History Award 3; Tufts and U. Lawrence A. William Joseph Hackett. Basketball Manager 3; Track 7 t 3, 4; Indoor Track 3.

Cheerleader 3. Diane Jeon Morton College G. New England Music Festival 2, 3: Talisman Business Board; G. Majorette 2. A, 2, 3; J. Cheerleader 2: Class Day. David B. Johnson College Dave Class Day: Johnston College Ken Assembly Guide 2. Baseball; J. Basketball; Intramurals 2. Earl Albion Kelley, Jr. Patrick P. King Roger I. Rutland, Vttwo years. Lanfeor Trade Shop Council 2, 3. Junior Advisor 3; Senior Ball; Intramurals 2. David A. Barb 64 This yearbook was digitized by volunteers Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s the Julie E.

Vice-President 3; International Relations Club 4: Award in U. Michael A. Intramural Basketball 2. Talisman Business Board; G,A. Richard J.

Ski Team 3. Class Day; Intramural Basketball 2. Carol Do no Patch General G. Lorry Rytland. Trade Class Day; Intramural URtland 2, 3. Pisonelll, Jr. Frederick C. Mae V. Penelope Marsha Porte? Basketball 2, Intramural 3, 4. Jeffrey A. Basketball 2. Anthony C.

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Softball 2. Thomas H. Rots Trade Tom Peach am Academy. Homeroom President 4; Chorus 4; Student Council 4: Linda O. Varsity 3. Ronald A. Sabotaso College Sabby Homeroom President 2. Talisman Editorial Staff; Student Council 2 t 3: Martha E. A,A 2; Class Day. Mimes 2, 3, 4; Library Council 3. Richard B. Erfiest M. Basketball 2, 3. Betty Jean Smith Business B. Assembly Guide 2, Homeroom Banker 2; Mimes 2, 3, 4: Diane Nancy Smith College G.

Robert S. A, 2; Senior Ball. Darlene 1. Wooden Business Der! Red and White Editorial Staff 2. Douglas R. Williams Trade Ruby Monitor Squad: Shop Council 3; Monitors' Dance. John C. Football I, 2; Golf 3, 4; Intramurals 2. Thomas Sht, Jr. They then were judged en a national level. Never in the history of the Elks' awards, have two contestants from Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s Rutland district tied for this top state award. Applicants were judged on their scholarship and leadership, as well as on a basis of financial need.

To be eligible for this award, Derryl and Lawrence presented detailed brochures containing autobiographies, explanations of goals and values, and letters of recommendation from prominent people, Linda Durlcee placed third in the local competition, and Bonnie Bender and Barbara Merriam received honorable Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s. Rutland High School, and especially the Class ofOld hairy pussy pensacola wants to fuck take pride in this reflection on the merit of ldy a large proportion of its students.

Bender, E. Kelley, J. McVeigh, C. Stand- ing: Franzonl, J. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, Mr. Henry LePage. Absent from picture. Set in London, the comedy revolves around the problems of a status-seeking English family. Mdke sure you have enough formula to fill dll the bottles. The lineup! You're on in two minutes! Miss Bartlett. Right there, Ernie 78 Yes, dear, you say you've been drafted? This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from the Yes, MUs Moran, you were saying.

The Ox- Bow Incident. I don't care petitee you caff it. And don't forget to sharpen the pencils; fill the inkwell; ar- range the books; lock the desk; empty Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s basket; shut petit the lights; close the windows.

We brush after every meal! Guess who? Vote for Seeley. Vice-Preiident, James Davine. ROOM First row, left fo right: Blommer, R. Brigham, J. Bnsson, L. Benson, N, Barone, V. Briggs; Second row: G, Blojser, S. Burke, M. Altrui, EL, Albright, S. Baker; Third row; E. Adams, W. F, Bergitrom, G. BodeHe, R. Ames, S. Baccei, J t Bowsn, K. Bunell, N. Carrara, C. Dusckett, P, Chloffi, S. Dulski; Second row: DeLong, E. Colty, 550s. Curtis, J. Eddy p J, Oogston, C. Cook, C.

Burton, O. DeForge; Fourth row: Davine, J. Dunn, S. Davis, R F Derby, T. Chestnut, R. HinckJey, S.

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Fitzgerald, K, Foy, J. Heath, A. Greenwood; Second row: Gartner, L Hayden. D, Ferrero, J. Hobson; Third row: Foye, G. Grant, J, Hennessey, S. Gould, D. Flynn, D. ROOM First row, left to right: Lubinsky, S.

Laydem Second row: D, King, E. Johnston, L. Kelleway; Third row: Littler, M. R Hyfand, J, Kyper; Fourth row: A, Keyes. A, James, G. Jackson, D. Loomis, C- Marro, R. Meyers, K. Nobis, D t Murray, P. Phelps, M. McFarren, C. Pinney, L, Phaneuf, S. Second row: H, McLeod, D t Moscatello. Mc- Lemore, S. Olsen, B, Morgan, J. Nehil, L. Nelson; Third row: Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, A. Paul, L, Olsen, D. Ladyy, D. Minard, M. Murphy, J r 50d Fourth row: Melen, J, Morse.

Morgan, B. Morgan, T. Neary, D, Moore. Pisanelli; Second row: T, Ross, E. Robinson, Dowwn. Pratt, D. Savery, D. Sharp, J. Ranson; Third row: Searles, T, Sadowski, R. Reynolds, R, Sharp, J. D, Rodd; Fourth row; K. Seward, R. Wyman, A. Powell, Find New richmond, Seward, D. Pratico, B, Pulling, C. Plum- ley, R. L, Shea. Peter, S. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, C.

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Davis, B. Austin, R. Briggs, M. Bousley J, Burke; Second row: Byren, R. Cocklin, B. Chestnut, M. Bis sette, J. Cavanaugh, N. Ball, S. Caldwell; Lasy row: Barone, N.

Congdon, N, Canary, J.

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Albee, V. Childs; Fourth row: L Carpenter, N. Champney, K. Butter field. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, D. Fifth row: Coolidge, D. Col bum. Cox, M. Cota S. Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s, B. Bora, S. L Fredette. J, Dolphin, P. Dunne, C. Dunne; Second row: FredeHe, J. Goodchfld, A. Dundas; Third row: Farrell, E, Duda, M. Gates, B Ferguson, A. Gartner, J. Fawcette; Fourth row: Pwtite, M. Fredette, Sexy Scotland from car show, Dore.

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Howfand, N. LaVecchia, G. L McLaughlin, L Miner. Manney, C. McCtgre, S. L Moore? McLaughlin J, Lind, S. Maynard, C, Liddiard; Third row: Minogue, A.

F, Mainolfi. ROOM 13 Rnt row, left to right: C Smith, J. Simpson, D. Spine, S, Smith, G. Sher- row, 0. Snow; Second row: Sirjane, J, Small. Lxdy Third row; Rtuland. Shaw, D. Stevens, J.

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Temple, J, Themen, D. Stickles; Second row: Wilder, S. Wilk J. Vargas, E. Williamson, G, Wortman, W. Young; Third row: R, Swann, R. TyndalL A. Strom-Olson, J. Taylor, F. Vifeglieno, M. TrombeHa, L. Weeks; Fourth row: Willis, F. Yee, D. Post Graduates First row, left to right: Blanchard h J, Stone, S. Saveryr Second row: Burke, H, Savery, P. Mayer, P. It's over for another day.

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Hinchey end a class of seniors study dramatics. A Student gets personal attention from Miss Flynn. Social Mr.

Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s instructs his physics class. Tree structure Is Mr, Despres' topic of discussion. Short relates the tale of American history.

Miss Moran lectures about Economics. Pupils study geometry with Mr. Boyi learn from Mr, Hubert in machine shop. RundeM and a dais practice welding. Hardy and class inspect a TV set. Back to the drawing board for Mr. Given and the technical drafting class. Pupils and Mrs, Bartlett tackle typewriters, This yearbook was digitized by volunteers from the Mrs, Crowley helps her business students.

McKerley conducts a Shorthand I class. Physical Education Guid Mr, Miller discusses college plans with a preparatory student. Green aids pupils in their research. Rippon teh a boys' basketball game This Shy petite down to Rutland lady 50s was digitized by volunteers from the Prospective motorists learn laws of the road from Mr. Alexander, B. Sartlett, S, Carpenter, Standing: Church, Standing: Ayer, K. Welch, W. Editor; N. Patterson, D.

Freeman, Oady Castor, M Rcberge. Second Row: Noyev L. Beebe, Ladu. Rideout, Third Row: Griffin, J, Bitiko, R. Cobb; Absent: Charlten, D Franioni. ThuN, E. Hubbard, Editor; J. Looking for a 3rd for her, Tanen. Sabaraio, D. Welch, editor.

S, Delorme. Landers, P. Porter, H, Carieson. M, Syy, S. Spoon, M. Stafford A Carris Standing: Steams, 5- Seeley, M. Holden, B. Clark, M. The Red and White Business Board maintains the financial balance in the eco- nomic functions of our school newspaper. Their duties include soliciting advertise- ments from patrons and collecting from businesses which support such Woman want real sex Albury-Wodonga. C, Knight, J.

Wilbur, K. L Durkee, editor: Mitchell, B, Mernam, L Rgssell. Wyman, E. Congdon, C. Ryan, J. Third Row: Field, 1. Vltols, V.