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Redistribute Cleaning Chores During Pregnancy

By on May 14, 2017

The following is a guest post submitted by Bethany Nolan.  Her Life Is Love cannot vouch for the content in the post, but all accepted guest posts are ones that Paula from Her Life Is Love enjoyed reading and wanted to share with her readers.  For further information, check our disclosure.

There are household chores which are dangerous for pregnant women and should be implemented by someone else. As a matter of fact most household tasks can be risky for the mother and the child before giving birth and can lead to doing this prematurely. The chores presented here you should avoid while you are expecting to protect you and your baby’s health. Delegate the presented below to the members of your family to keep your home tidy and hygienic.

Mopping and Vacuum Cleaning

These chores can deteriorate sciatica which is a painful soreness of the sciatic nerve running from the lower side of the back to the entire leg. Sciatica is most commonly suffered during pregnancy because of the weight gain. All activities which make you bend forward can worsen it. It is estimated that although pregnant women can feel good while doing some domestic task, they often experience pains as a result of the efforts later. So, leave the vacuum cleaning and mopping of the carpets and floors to other member of your family and avoid leaning forward.

Bathroom Cleaning

The cleaning of the bathroom involves using of chemicals which pregnant women shouldn’t be exposed to or inhale. Even some essential oils can be bad for the health of the expecting mums. So, in case you decide to clean the bathroom, you better make your own cleaning preparations using safe ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar and others. As a rule if some detergent smells repulsive or contains chemicals you shouldn’t use it. It is recommended to delegate the bathroom cleaning to someone else.

Cleaning the Litter Box

This is another chore which you should avoid and leave for someone else to do. Cat faeces in the litter box can transmit to you and the foetus a dangerous infection which causes brain damage, vision loss and even kill the baby. We advise that no matter what cleaning work you decide to do always make sure to wear gloves and protection mask on the mouth.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans and Hanging Curtains

As a rule you should avoid climbing and staying on high from the ground places risking your and your baby’s health. These chores which have risks for the mother to fall should be delegated to someone else. It is estimated that pregnant women’s centre of gravity changes and this makes them vulnerable to accidents and falls.

Doing the Laundry

If your doctor has advised you not to lift heavy items you shouldn’t do the laundry. A hamper weighs much and by lifting and carrying it to the terrace you can create to your body and the foetus problems. The results of doing this chore during pregnancy can be pre-term labour, high level of blood pressure and some other unpleasant health conditions.

Lifting and Carrying Heavy Loads

Your doctor should tell you how much weight you can carry safely so, adhere to his recommendations and advice. As the baby in your belly grows, your back experiences more pressure carrying more weight. You will strain you back and feel more uncomfortable if you carry heavy loads. So, avoid or be extra careful when carrying laundry baskets, vacuum cleaners and buckets.

During pregnancy you should avoid standing for too long, bending and climbing. As was explained above, these are risky for your health and the baby. Standing upright too long can harm you by creating high blood pressure, disrupting the blood flow, stress your body and create swollen feet.

The cleaning and household chores mentioned above should be avoided by pregnant women and should be provided by the other member of the family or a housemaid. Being exposed to chemicals and harsh products as well as doing risky activities are dangerous for the foetus and the mother.

I love any excuse to avoid housework.  Honestly, I will continue to deal with mopping and vacuuming, but bathroom scrub work will be delegated to the husband!  What chores did you continue to do and avoided doing while pregnant? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Spring Cleaning Series – 5 Simple Rules for a Clean Home

By on April 6, 2017

By the time April hits, Spring cleaning is inevitably on everyone’s minds.  Some may have it as a passing thought that is quickly forgotten, but I am starting a Spring cleaning series for those who are serious about doing a Spring cleaning.  This series will focus on the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen.  We’ll go through the process of cleaning out the stuff you don’t need and how to organize the stuff you are keeping

Her Life Is Love is always a discussion-friendly zone and would love to have your input on what ideas you’ve tried, what worked, and questions you may have.  Feel free to leave comments and I will do my best to get back to you.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning the whole house.  We’re going to take one room at a time!

5 Simple Rules for a Clean Home

      1. Every object must have a designated home – When every object in your home has a home of its own, you can find what you need easily and know where to return it after each use.  This is important because it helps keep you from creating clutter by developing a good habit of putting things back.
      2. Keep only what you have room for – This is key to keeping your home manageable.  If you only keep the items you have space for, you won’t end up hoarding objects.  Once you manage to find the right balance, you need to donate or toss something whenever you buy or receive another.  I find that having this mindset also helps keep your wallet in check.  You’ll ask yourself if you really need something and if the answer is yes, do you have something you can rid yourself of in order to take the new object in?

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      3. Use what you have to display stuff – Try not to purchase storage and organization products.  These encourage shoving stuff into bins and forgetting about them.  I use the lids and bottoms of pretty shoe boxes to help contain and display my stuff. Also, avoid stacking objects.  You will forget what is at the bottom and it will fall out of use.  Worse, you’ll purchase a product, add to your possessions, and then find you have two of the same thing.  At one time, I had three regular scissors and two kitchen scissors.  Instead, try to display everything you own as if it’s a display case at a department store (lay things out).  For example, your drawer of lingerie can have your bras ordered by gradation of color.  If your a dude, do this with your rolled up neckties.  This is an automatic mood booster whenever you need to go through your stuff to find something.
      4. All counters should be clear of stuff – I confess that this is tricky for me.  If I don’t put things back to their home after use, clutter starts to pile up on counters, tables, and dresser tops.  This is a big no.  When counters are clear, it is that much easier to clean house because it’s a lot faster to wipe down counter tops when there’s fewer objects to remove.
      5. Keep up with cleaning a little bit everyday – Dust settles everyday.  Women…our hair collects noticeably on floors everyday.  If you tackle cleaning the floor and dusting a new room each day, your overall home will always be clean.


If you can master each of these rules, you WILL have a clean home that you can handle…toddlers and all.  In fact, my toddler has picked up my habit of putting things back where they belong.  Continue to keep these rules in mind as we focus on each room individually in the upcoming posts for this series.  Please join our newsletter to keep up with this series and follow me on social media.

Leave a comment and let me know which is your biggest challenge when it comes down to cleaning your house!

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