Influenster’s Poppy Voxbox

By on April 30, 2017

I received Influenster’s Poppy Voxbox for free.  It is my choice to write this blog post about it.  All opinions are my own.  Find out more in my disclaimer.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed some of my posts were encouraged by Influenster, a platform for reviewing products, asking questions about products, and answering questions others have about products.  Influenster also sends out free samples of products in a collection called a Voxbox where you can try new products and give your thoughts and opinions about it through Influenster and relevant social media accounts.

While Influenster was US based, they are now available in the UK, too!  If you are interested in signing up to try and receive a Voxbox, please sign up here.  That’s my referral link.  All it does is give me the benefit of adding 5 points to my impact score if you sign up and connect your Facebook account, valid for the first 20 people only.  Having a high impact score helps your chances of receiving a Voxbox in the future.

Influenster’s Poppy Voxbox


I’ve been a member of Influenster for two months now and recently received my very first Voxbox.  It held a wide assortment of stuff to try.  There was an eyeliner, lip gloss, foot peel socks, face polish, in-shower lotion, laundry pod, and dry shampoo (not pictured).

While my policy for Her Life Is Love is to only post about complimentary products if I truly loved it, for the sake of writing a thorough review on my experience with Influenster and my first Poppy Voxbox, I have tried to accomplish all the activities required to obtain badges in the Influenster app.  These activities include posting on Instagram or tweeting about it, but I was honest about what I didn’t like about a product, if applicable.  Check my Instagram for my opinions on every single Poppy Voxbox product I received.

Poppy Voxbox Products I Loved

Rimmel London Cosmetics sent me a black eyeliner and a lip gloss in the color Smart Pink.  The eyeliner has a ultra fine tip so I found it a little tricky to draw close to my lash line and although it says it’s waterproof, it smudged very easily.  I don’t use liquid eyeliners much, but this would come in handy for drawing the wing tips of cat eyes.

The lip gloss they sent me, however, quickly became a new favorite.  I loved how it applied without leaving a sticky, overly done feeling on my lips.  The hint of color was just the right amount to complement with the shine from the gloss.  I enjoyed using this during my quick trips out of the house.  You can find this at Walmart.  I’m wearing both products in my Instagram post.

New favorite finds for the month of April. #somethingyouwant #RimmelRebelUSA #gotitfree @Influenster @RimmelLondonUS

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Another favorite is the Kenyan Coffee Face Polish from Nyakio Beauty.  The color is less than appealing, but I like this because it works!  I first cleansed my face with a cleanser before exfoliating with my sample.  I massaged the product lightly into my face for a few minutes before rinsing off.  It did leave my face red and hot for a little bit afterwards, but the smooth feeling of my face was amazing!  This is available at Ulta.

Using Influenster’s Site and App

I ran into a bunch of technical issues when using Influenster’s site and app.  These are annoying for user experience, but if you can look past it, Influenster is a fun platform to use.  I first started using Influesnter through the site.  In the beginning, you will have a bunch of Snaps that you can answer about various topics.  Think of these like survey questions so that Influenster can get to know your profile better.  Answering snaps often leads to suggested products you can review.

The first problem I ran into was reviewing products.  I would submit a review through a snap and go back to my snaps, only to find the same products pop up again, asking for a review.  My reviews seem to have gone through, but it wasn’t registering as a completed activity.  You will need to skip the snap to be able to answer the next one.

Occasionally, I get asked to reconnect some of my accounts, particularly with Google.  I never have this issue with other similar sites, but Influenster seems to lose connection with my Google account fairly often.  You want to keep your accounts connected so that you can maintain your impact score, which gives you a better chance of being selected for a Voxbox if the score is high.  My score was around 1500 when I got chosen to receive the Poppy Voxbox.

When completing the Poppy Voxbox activities, you will need to make use of the Influenster app, as some activities can only be completed through the app (Instagram activities).  I have run into some problems where completing the activity as directed led to an automatic rejection.  I would re-submit several times before it actually went through and gave me credit for the activity.

Luckily, the support team is pretty responsive to your inquiries.  I also like the variety of products you can search for.  You can find reviews for many different products.  It helps to review products and answer other user’s questions on products.  Being an active user seems to help your chances of getting a Voxbox.

Even with these little issues, Influenster is fun to use and it’s so rewarding to get selected to receive a Voxbox.  Influenster takes your support inquiries seriously and aims to improve user experience.  Influenster was US based, but is now available in the UK.  Join Influenster to try your hand at getting a Voxbox!

Have you tried Influenster or any of these Poppy Voxbox products?  Comment and let me know your opinions!  If you liked this post, please share!

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