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Time travelers wife book club questions

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:: Book Club Questions : The Time Traveler's Wife

Audrey Niffenegger is a professor in the M. The Time Traveler's Wifeher first novel, was published in Inshe published an illustrated story: Three Incestuous Sisters. Her Fearful Symmetry, Niffenegger's third book, was published in Niffenegger lives in Chicago.

Adapted from the publisher. More In her book Three Incestuous SistersAudrey Niffenegger tells the tale of a trio of sisters, each with her own special trait.

There is blond Bettine, the beautiful culb, blue-haired Ophile, the smart one, and then there's Clothilde. While hardly unintelligent and certainly not unattractive, it is still probably no coincidence that Niffenegger decided to cast her fellow redhead Time travelers wife book club questions as the talented one considering that she is so abundant in talent.

A gifted illustrator and writer, Niffenegger is parlaying her quirky imagination into one of the most interesting bodies of work in contemporary literature. Niffenegger's love of writing developed when she was a young girl, quietly spending her time writing and illustrating books as a hobby.

Her wonderfully eccentric imaginativeness was in play from Time travelers wife book club questions earliest writing efforts. Niffenegger's mini-magical mystery tour may have been her "first novel," but the first one to which the rest of the world would be privy came many years later. She had already established herself as a prominent artist whose work had been shown in the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Library of Congress, and the Houghton Library at Harvard University when The Time Traveler's Wife was published in The Time Traveler's Wife Milf dating in Cullman, a sci-fi romance about the mercurial time traveler Henry and Clare, the wife who patiently awaits his return to the present, became a sensation upon its publication.

This thoroughly original love story captured mass praise from USA Todaythe Washington Post, People Magazineand the Denver Postnot to mention celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who promptly purchased the rights to the book and are currently developing it into a motion picture. Now that she had established herself as a talent to watch, Niffenegger finally had the opportunity to produce a Time travelers wife book club questions she would describe as "a fourteen-year labor of love.

An Illustrated Novelis a gorgeous, modern-gothic storybook about the love and rivalry shared between three women. With its minimal text, Niffenegger's chiefly uses her eerie illustrations to convey the sisters' story.

Booklist summed up Three Incestuous Sisters quite succinctly by stating that "Niffenegger's grim yet erotic tale and stunningly moody gothic prints possess the sly subversion of Edward Gorey, the questiona valence of Edvard Munch, and her very own brilliant use of iconographic pattern, surprising perspective, and tensile line in the service of a delectable, otherworldly sensibility. Her Fearful Symmetry.

Time travelers wife book club questions

Amazingly, with such a wide variety of styles in her still budding body of work — from science fiction to fairy tale to her impending period piece Timd Audrey Niffenegger's books still share a strong sense of unity, a distinctly peculiar and particular vision. I helped to found the Center, and it is the center of my universe nine months of the year.

The other three months I try to ignore the phone, and I do my own work. Readers can see some of it at Printworks Gallery in Chicago.

They have a web site: The Newberry Library is open to people who have research projects that fit the collections of the Newberry. Vintage Vinyl is a real record store in Evanston. I Tiem collect small taxidermy, no bison heads, my place isn't that big.

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I don't own a TV. I spend a lot of time hanging out with my boyfriend, Christopher Schneberger, and attending Avocet concerts Avocet is the band Chris plays drums with. We travel a lot; my new book is set in London, so there's lots of research to do.

I garden, in a rather haphazard way. I also enjoy finding, buying, and wearing vintage clothes. All in all, it's a pleasant life.

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